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Now that the Ma. Venus Raj issue has ended well, I can focus on the next big thing in Philippine Beauty Pageantry: The Miss Earth 2010 candidates!!!

All 50-plus of them were presented to the press last Tuesday, April 6 at the Manila Ocean Park which I had NEVER been to. I love sea creatures and the ocean and almost considered a career as a Scuba Dive Master or Instructor. So I felt quite at home walking through the giant aquarium’s tunnels in search of mermaids in swimsuits and sashes, hehehe…

So, here are this year’s batch of glorious beauties vying for the Miss Philippines Earth title… the ones highlighted in RED are my choices based on what I saw during the press presentation.

You can also see all of my 17 Crown Favorites bunched up in this post.

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11. Caloocan - Sheryl Jane Taguiam

Sheryl Jane Taguiam is a beauty pageant junkie. She has joined the Bb. Caloocan 2010 and won it, she also participated in Ms National Teachers’ College 2008 (she is a student there) and Ms CNKF 2008 (what does CNKF stand for, does anyone know?). And if I am not mistaken, she either won both of those pageants. Hoping someone out there can confirm this!

12. Cavite - Amor Arahan

I either totally missed Amor Arahan during the Miss Philippines Earth 2010 Press Presentation or she was absent. Not sure. But whatever the case, I was able to find this photo of her in Facebook.

Amor Arahan is a wide reader and loves contemporary stuff like “Interview with A Vampire,” “The Alchemist,” and the Twilight series. But more than her love for books is her passion for movies! She is a music lover and is learning how to play the guitar and piano organ.

She is a Business Administration Major in Business Management and graduated last March. Her pageant experience includes joining Mutya ng San Sebastian 2010 and winning 1st Runner-up. Amor Arahan dreams of becoming a model and business woman and is working hard to make both happen.

13. Cebu - Sian Elizabeth Maynard

Congratulations to Sian Elizabeth Maynard for catching the eye of Perwool executives – she won the Miss Perwool award in one of the Miss Philippines Earth 2010 pre-pageant events!!!

Sian Elizabeth Maynard is another beauty who has proven herself in a previous beauty pageants. She won the Miss Cebu 2008 and the Reina ng Aliwan in 2009. She also happens to be a voice talent for instructional material in English proficiency.

She is a graduate of De La Salle University Manila and took up Bachelor of Arts in International Studies Majoring in European Studies. Sian Maynard currently helps in Dad’s furniture company (CYMRU) and on the side she hosts events in Cebu City where she is based.

Find out more about Sian Elizabeth Maynard here.

14. Dasmarinas - Charisse Marie Sisperez

Like many of the candidates in this year’s Miss Philippines Earth, Charisse Marie Sisperez has participated in a hometown pageant. She took part in the Ginoo at Binibining Salawag 2009 pageant in Cavite. Charisse Marie Sisperez is part of Batch 2008 of Saint Francis of Assisi College in Bacoor and is currently a college student at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines taking up BS Tourism Management. Charisse Marie Sisperez also happens to be working at her Mom’s newly established business. Talk about being BUSY!

This lady keeps her trim figure by playing all kinds of sports like volleyball, badminton, running, ice skating, table tennis, soccer, swimming, softball, arnis, and basketball which she loves the most.

15. Fil France - Gwennaelle Ruais

Congratualtions to Gwennaelle Ruais for winning one of the Corporate Sponsor Awards – FACE OF NEW PLACENTA, given out during the Evening Gown Competition of the Miss Philippines Earth 2010 Beauty Pageant.

Gwennaelle Ruais looked just like the Eiffel Tower next to all the competition in the press presentation of Miss Philippines Earth 2010. She was so tall (the tallest candidate at 6’1″) that it looked freaky. But only because everyone else came up to her collarbone!!!

This part-French, part-Pinay model is a De La Salle Communications graduate and the daughter of a former Filipina model. She also shocks the bejeezus out of Filipinos when she starts speaking in good and clear Tagalog. Find out more about Gwennaelle Ruais here.

Gwennaelle Ruais happens to be the sister of Gwendoline Ruais who was in my shortlist of favorites in the Bb. Pilipinas 2010 beauty pageant.

16. Gumaca, Quezon - Kris Ortiz

Kris Ortiz is a brain in a bikini. She was an FEU academic scholar throughout college and graduated with a Magna Cum Laude in Nursing. Kris Ortiz was also Champion in the FEU Inter-Institute EXPO Ms Presenter 2006-2007. She is currently working as a National Reviewer.

She grew up in Gumaca, Quezon and is a former Ms. Gumaca and Ms Quezon titleholder. Miss Philippines Earth 2010 is Kris Ortiz’ first National Level Beauty pageant.

17. Imus, Cavite - Christine Weizel Gulfan

Christine Weizel Gulfan (Weizel is her nick) is perfect for the Miss Philippines Earth beauty pageant because she is already an advocate for the Earth. Her thesis involved reusable bags as a solution to the current crisis in waste management. Oh, did I mention that she has a quadruple major in Journalism, PR, Adventising and Media Productions from DLSU-Dasmarinas?

Currently, Christine Weizel Gulfan works as Market Products Analyst for an organics company called Cocogreen. Find out more about her here.

18. Infanta, Quezon - Kris Psyche Resus

Congratulations to Kris Psyche Resus for winning Ms Philippines Earth 2010, the main title and for also bringing home the Best in Swimsuit honor. Find out more about Psyche here…

Kris Psyche Resus has one of the most infectious smiles in this batch of Miss Philippines Earth contestants. I wonder if she will live up to her namesake Psyche – a mortal girl who was SO beautiful that even the goddess Venus was insanely jealous of her.

19. Iriga - Aizza Francesca Brinas

Is this going to be Aizza Francesca Brinas’ last shot at beauty queen fame? She represented the Philippines well in 2003 in the Ms Tourism Interncontinental held in Kuching, Malaysia and made it into the semi-finals. She also competed in the Bb. Pilipinas 2004 beauty pageant.

Aizza Francesca V. Briñas (Iriga City) competed and became a semifinalist in the Miss Tourism Intercontinental 2003 held in Kuching, Malaysia.[11][12]. She also competed in the Binibining Pilipinas 2004 pageant.

20. Kabacan, North Cotabato - Lady Lou S. Garidan

Lady Lou Garidan is an experienced beauty pageant contestant having been in the Bb. Pilipinas 2008 competition and Miss University of Southern Mindanao 2004. Since then she has been working part time as a ramp model.

This dusky lady is a cum laude graduate, BS in Information Management,  from the College of Engineering and Computing  of University of Southern Mindanao in North Cotabato. Currently, she works for Hewlett Packard as SAP Technology Consultant.

Some interesting tidbits about Lady Lou Garidan: 1) she can move her ears like a dog can (LOLOL!) 2) she was raised by her Lola after her parents separated when she was 3.  Although life was a bit hard for her she learned how to be strong. Being from a broken family didn’t stop her from reaching her dreams. Instead, it has become her motivation to do her best in being successful!

Click here to see a short Q&A with Lady Lou written during the time she joined Bb. Pilipinas.


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Candidates 1-10

Candidates 11-20

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