Filipina Maids Jailed for Stealing Clothes from HK Beauty Queen Winnie Chin

Winnie Chin, 1st Runner-up Miss Hong Kong 1981

Three Filipino helpers have been found guilty of stealing clothes from Miss Hong Kong Runner-up Winnie Chin. The beauty queen claimed Marites Alberto Saddaran, 34; Aubrey Leal Garcia, 25; and Ginavilla Velasco Gongob, 41 stole 148 items of designer clothes worth 23,000 HK Dollars ($3,000). Winnie Chin said the clothes belonged to her 3 children.

In defense, the maids had claimed that the clothes were given to them by Winnie Chin to make space for all her new purchases. The three also said that Winnie Chin went shopping often, sometimes up to 5 times a day and often verbally abused them. The defense told the court that Chin had employed 45 maids over the span of 5 years. Some were fired while other had left because of what the defense said was Winnie Chin’s bad attitude.

Winnie Chin denied the accusations saying that the number of maids was around 30 and while some were fired, she said the others had left peacefully or had finished thier contracts.

After a 2-day hearing, Judge Henry Mierczak ruled in Winnie Chin’s favor and sentenced Saddaran, Garcia and Gongob to 3 months in jail. It is not clear whether the three helpers would be allowed to continue working in Hong Kong after serving thier jail sentence.

Winnie Chin placed 1st Runner-up in the Miss Hong Kong 1981 beauty pageant and married socialite banker Ma Ching Yeung in 1995. They have a daughter and two sons.

Sources: Earthtimes and The Standard

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