Presenting: The Miss Philippines Earth 2010 Winners!!!

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Congratulations to Kris Psyche Resus our new Ms Philippines Earth 2010!!!

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A throbbing headache from the heat of summer did not stop me from making it to the Manila Ocean Park where our lovely 49 Miss Philippines Earth 2010 beauty contestants were vying for the top 5 beauty queen crowns. But it did make me LATE! When I arrived, they were selecting the Top 10 finalists. And I am proud to say that eight of them were in my personal list of favorites.


Miss Philippines Earth 2010 Semi-Finalists - L-R - Gwennaelle Ruais (Fil-France), Hannah Marie Landan (Marikina), Stephany Stefanowitz (Butuan), Sian Maynard (Cebu), Dale Emmerie Cunanan (Pandan), Nadine Bendigo (QC), Lorraine Asis (San Jose Del Monte), Angela Fernando (Lubao), Renee McHugh (Fil USA East Coast), Kris Psyche Resus (Infanta)

Miss Philippines Earth 2010 Semi-Finalists – L-R – Gwennaelle Ruais (Fil-France),Β  Hannah Marie Landan (Marikina),Β  Stephany Stefanowitz (Butuan), Sian Maynard (Cebu), Dale Emmerie Cunanan (Pandan), Nadine Bendigo (QC), Lorraine Asis (San Jose Del Monte), Angela Fernando (Lubao),Renee McHugh (Fil USA East Coast), Kris Psyche Resus (Infanta).

Pretty lights and water show!!!

I loved the stage – not so much because of the set design but mostly because of all the giant fountains around and behind the stage. They had dancing laser lights shooting right through them. And a show of fireworks when the top beauty queen title was announced!!!

My only beef with the stage area was the seating – the audience was too ‘horizontal’ so only the people in the middle had a good view. If I am not mistaken, this is the place where the whales and dolphins do thier show thing so audience seating is spread out wide.

Unprecedented occurrence – Sandra Seifert, last year’s Miss Philippines Earth beauty queen was selected to be Miss Pagcor for the year 2010. I wonder why they didn’t choose anyone from the current batch of beauty contestants. Not a good sign. But a coup for Ms Sandra Siefert who is DESERVING of such an honor.

My favorite winning reaction: When Renee McHugh was announced Ms Philippines Air (one of the runner-up titles) it was as if she won THE main title. I think Renee McHugh was SO relieved to have won something after going through Mutya ng Pilipinas and only making it to the semi-finals in that beauty pageant.

Renee McHugh is stunned upon winning the Ms Philippines Air title!

Stephany Stefanowitz answers her question.

Most “artistahin” candidate: Stephany Stefanowitz of Butuan (photo on right). A deadringer for the gorgeous Filipina singer and actress Zsa-Zsa Padilla.

My favorite answer: When Sian Maynard of Cebu was asked what would she do if her Mom wasn’t following Waste Management rules at home. Sian Maynard said she would just keep on trying to advise her Mom, etc etc… she wrapped up her answer by saying, “The environment isn’t gong to change for us so we have to change for the environment.”

Crowd favorite Sian Maynard is articulate and knows when to stop talking. Unlike me. LOLOL!

Miss Confidence: I swear, Gwenaelle Ruais walked and talked and waved her beauty queen wave as if she was already wearing a crown! I was also very surprised when she seemed sincerely happy to win the Fire title. I thought she would be disappointed but I guess I thought wrong! Her Mom and sister Gwendoline who was a Bb. Pilipinas 2010 candidate, were in the audience and spent about an hour waiting for the press and fans to get tired of taking photos of Gwenaelle and the rest of the winners.

Best Walk: Of course, the stage savvy Dale Emmerie Cunanan who knows how to move that body!

Most cellulite-free legs: Tie between Renee McHugh and Gwenaelle Ruais.

Best Host: There were two ladies and one guy. I really liked the lady in the blue gown with the big voice. She ROCKS! If you know her name please drop me a note in the comment section.

From Jo who commented: the lady host in blue gown is Ginger Conejero, Miss Philippines – Air 2006, an ABS-CBN showbiz reporter and ANC host.

Thanks Jo!!!

Mwahugs! from Joyce Burton Titular, the blogging beauty queen…

Winners of the Miss Philippines Earth 2010 - L-R Renee McHugh (Air), Dale Emmerie Cunanan (Water), Kris Psyche Resus (Ms Philippines Earth 2010), Gwenaelle Ruais (Fire), Angela Fernando (Eco-Tourism)

Kris Psyche Resus being crowned Ms Philippines Earth 2010 by last year's winner Sandra Seifert

Angela Fernando Ms Eco-Tourism 2010


Dale Emmerie Cunanan Ms Philippines Water 2010


Gwennaelle Ruais Ms Philippines Fire 2010