Tips to Get that Beauty Queen Body from Fitness Guru John Jay Cuay!

Fitness Guru to the Beauty Queens John Jay Cuay!

The first time I met John Jay Jay Cuay,  “Fitness Guru to the Beauty Queens,” was last year when he was training the Bb. Pilipinas batch 2009 headed by the gorgeous Pamela Bianca Manalo. He has been training all Bb. Pilipinas winners since the year Lian Ramos won Bb. Pilipinas Universe in 2006. This year he is busy helping our 2010 Bb Pilipinas winners get buns of steel.

But you DON’T have to join a beauty pageant to get that Perfect Beauty Queen Body! Here’s the secret formula according to John Jay Cuay:

Alright girls—brace yourselves. Do you want to know how beauty queens get their tight abs, toned legs, and shapely arms? Let me warn you—while effective, it’s not pretty, it’s not fun, and it’s not easy. It requires self-control, hard work, and 110% dedication.

Workout Regimen:

* TONS of cardio. Cardio is absolutely crucial if trying to burn off fat!
* Run 3-5 miles six days a week
* I suggest doing cardio in the morning!
* Work out with light weights (3-8 lbs.) three times a week
* Join a fitness club. If you’re not comfortable working out with weights on your own, find some classes to take at the gym that incorporate light weights and high repetitions
* Weekly Pilates class to strengthen the core and lengthen your muscles

Diet Regimen:

* Low Carb! The only carbs I recommend are high fiber cereal and fresh fruit.
* Low Sugar! No candy!
* No Dairy! dairy-free diet makes a big difference
* At least 8 glasses of water a day! No other liquids—that’s right—no alcohol.

In addition, I would like to stress, that it is extremely important to get a solid 8 hours of sleep every night. Working out at that intensity is not only physically but also mentally exhausting. Getting enough sleep can be the difference between total success and total burn-out.

Now this may seem a little bit extreme to you—I know it does to me—after all, not many of us are going to be walking around on a stage in our bikini being scrutinized by hundreds of people anytime soon. I’m not suggesting that you all quit studying and hit the gym for 2 hours a day or cut out dairy, sugar, and bread. But perhaps you can take away from this not only how to get extremely buff-looking (if ever the need arises) but also an appreciation for all of the hard work that goes into physical fitness.

Being a beauty queen isn’t all silly waves and sparkly tiaras—it requires hard work, dedication, and a lot of sweat.

Thank you John for telling us just how hard it is to be a beauty queen. More power to you and the current batch of winners – Ma. Venus Raj (Universe), Krista Arrieta (International), Czarina Gatbondon (World), Dianne Necio (1st Runner-up) and Nikette Henson (2nd Runner-up).

L-R Nikette Henson, Dianne Necio, John Jay Cuay, Ma. Venus Raj and Czarina Gatbondon