ABQ’s TOP 8 Teeny-Boppers in the Miss Global Teen 2010!!!


With the ultra-pretty Mariella Castillo representing the Philippines in the Miss Global Teen 2010 beauty pageant in Brazil, I thought it was worth it to sit through the night and pick my favorite contestants. There are only 24 teens  (who look nothing like teens) competing so it won’t be TOO difficult for me to zip through their photos and write-ups and choose my shortlist.

Coronation night, btw is July 3, 2010!!!

According to the Miss Global Teen website

The most beautiful, dynamic, intelligent and talented teenager on the planet will walk away with the crown and sash of Miss Global Teen 2010, along with fantastic prizes, including a US$ 5000-cash award.

My picks are:

1) Miss Global Teen BELGIUM, Kathleen (they somehow forgot to include her last name in the write-up, duh)

Kathleen gets my vote for looking as fresh as the salad bar in Circles, Shangrila Hotel. This 18-year old though has an odd career choice for a teen beauty queen: she’s studying to be a PROFESSOR! In this photo, Kathleen reminds me of the actress who plays Arwen.

Miss Global Teen BELGIUM, Kathleen


2) Miss Global Teen BOLIVIA – Alexia Laura Viruez.

If Alexia Laura Viruez can handle the facial trauma of smiling every moment she’s awake in the pageant, she might just win the title. She belongs to that rare category of beauties who look a bazillion times better when smiling. When she pouts, she’s out!  Oh, she’s the baby of the batch, btw, at 15.

Miss Global Teen BOLIVIA, Alexia Laura Viruez


3) Miss Global Teen DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Mayte Brito Medina

IMHO, Mayte Brito Medina is hands down the prettiest of the dark teenage beauties in this batch of Miss Global Teen contestants. Doesn’t she just look like a mahogany-hued Barbie doll in the photo below? So UNREAL, yet so beautiful! She gains weight by eating meringues and loses it by playing volleyball. A well-balanced life!

Miss Global Teen DOMININCAN REPUBLIC, Mayte Brito Medina


4) Miss Global Teen EGYPT – Tara Emad.

Tara Emad is miles ahead of many of the contestants in the Miss Global Teen 2010 beauty pageant – she’s been working as a professional model and knows how to pose. Check out her fan page on Facebook, just search Tara Emad.

Miss Global Teen EGYPT, Tara Emad


5) Miss Global Teen GUATEMALA,  Christa Garcia.

Okay, so I’m a sucker for cleft chins and Zsa Zsa Padilla look-alikes.

Christa Garcia’s dream is to compete in a major adult beauty pageant like Miss Universe or Miss World. And I wouldn’t be surprised if I find meself blogging about her in either of those pageants sometime in the next handful of years.

Miss Global Teen GUATEMALA, Christa Garcia


6) Miss Global Teen PHILIPPINES Mariella Castillo.

I’ve been following this chick Mariella Castillo for quite awhile. Not in a stalker kind of way ha, but in my blog. I saw her first at the Slimmer’s World Ms Bikini Philippines 2009 where she won 1st Runner-up. Then I saw Mariella Castillo again at the Bb. Pilipinas 2010 beauty pageant. The thing about Mariella Castillo is that she just keeps getting better and better after each pageant she joins. Hoping that she wins Miss Global Teen 2010!

Miss Global Teen PHILIPPINES, Mariella Castillo


7) Miss Global Teen POLAND – Monika Suchocka

Okay pretty girl, what’s with the pigtails and tiara? I think you’ll need a new stylist if you want to win the Miss Global Teen title. Thank heavens you have an amazing face or else you would have never made it into my list! But, kidding aside, I have a strong preference for beauties like Monika Suchocka who have that chameleon-like ability to look different in almost every photo.

Miss Global Teen POLAND, Monika Suchocka


8) Miss Global Teen VENEZUELA, Rossana Medina

It’s almost dangerous to NOT include Miss Venezuela in ANY beauty pageant shortlist. But even if that weren’t the case, I think Rossana Medina has a cute smile that’s perfect for a teen beauty queen! But don’t let her sweet looks fool you. Rossana Medina is a shark in the water – she’s an athlete to be precise, and she’s competed and won several medals for being fast in a swimsuit!

Miss Global Teen VENEZUELA, Rossana Medina