Danica Magpantay – First Filipina Super Model of the World!

Danica Magpantay - first FILIPINA Super Model of the Year!

Woke up today with my head in a cloud; had a Sunday assignment for RPN Newswatch and was not looking forward to spending my family day in a Chinese temple doing a report on the coming Chinese New Year. But when I got a text from fellow beauty queen Duday Mandanas that our very own Danica Magpantay HAD JUST WON THE SUPERMODEL OF THE WORLD 2011 title, I flipped like the craziest pancake on earth and started squealing for joy!

I quickly confirmed Duday’s report by calling up Allan of Calcarrie’s Models who picked up my call NOT by saying hello, but by saying CONGRATULATIONS!

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Congratulations indeed, to DANICA MAGPANTAY, to her Mom Lala Flores Magpantay (who was Super Model of the Philippines in 1990) and to all Filipino beauty fans. We’ve got ANOTHER international winner we can be proud of!!!

Blog Author Joyce Burton Titular (left) with Danica Magpantay, Super Model of the World 2011


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