89 Things I Like About the 89 Miss Universe 2011 Contestants! PART I

Finally! I have time to settle down and check out all the contestants in Miss Universe 2011. I hear our girl Shamcey Supsup (Philippines) is leading in the online poll. Please vote for her because if she gets the most votes then she automatically enters the semi-finals! Click here to VOTE!

And now, my thoughts on this year’s collection of Miss Universe 2011 beauties. Names highlighted in RED are my favorites. Those in GREEN have caught my eye. Read on…

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ALBANIA – Xhesika Berberi – 20 years old – 5’9″

Albania - Xhesika Berberi... Nice tight body, angular lines but still feminine.

Her name, translated into English would be Jessica Barber. But I think Xhekika Berberi is far more exotic and more suited to her cat-like beauty, don’t you think? Xhesika Berberi is quite well-known in the Albanian district of fashion and beauty and has participated in the Ford Supermodel contest which she, unfortunately, did not win. But she did attract the attention of top fashion photographer Fadil Berisha who has used her several times in photo sessions.

Click her to see Xhesika Berberi’s online portfolio.

Photo found on All About Pageants.


ANGOLA – Leila Lopes – 25 years old – 5’10”

Angola - Leila Lopes... is sultry in a swimsuit. Fire and Ice!

Leila Lopes, a Business Management student based in London is a major major music fan! Her favorite dance style is Kuduro, an Angolan dance that has been reinvented in Portugal. Kuduro has a second definition – hard ass or stiff bottom –  LOLOL!  Her favorite musician is Bruno M….  who is different from Bruno Mars okay? Click here to watch a Bruno M video.

Unfortunately, this dusky Barbie Doll from Buengela won her title in the UK under dubious circumstances. But since the Miss Universe organizers consider her the official candidate, I’m hoping that they don’t take any points away from her.

Click here to know more about Leila Lopes.

Photo from Beauty Contests Blog


ARGENTINA – Natalia Rodriguez – 25 years old – 5’8½”

Argentina - Natalia Rodriguez... stunning beauty with electric eyes!

I really like it that Natalia Rodriguez never knew just how beautiful she was. Her entry into modelling came purely by accident: during a visit to meet her sister in Buenos Aires and do some shopping, a talent manager spotted the 16 year old lass and asked her on the spot if she wanted to be a model. Natalia Rodriguez was first afraid but after accepting the offer she has gone on to participate in shows, parades, events and photoshoots not just in Argentina but also in Mexico where she lived for a short while.

Click her for more photos of Natalia Rodriguez.

An article in Spanish about Natalia Rodriguez.


ARUBA – Gillain Berry – 24 years old, 5’9″

Aruba - Gillain Berry... luscious just like her name!

Although this coffee-hued beauty was born in Jamaica, Gillain (pronounced jill-LANE) Berry was allowed to compete in Miss Aruba since she has lived there since age 6 and speaks the local language Papiamento like a native. Gillain Berry, who is based in Oranjestad, is also well-educated with an Associates’ Degree in Hospitality Management and intends to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Aruba once her duties as a beauty queen are over.

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Here’s a news article on Gillain Berry.


AUSTRALIA – Sherri-Lee Biggs – 20 years old – 5’9″

Australia - Sherri-Lee Biggs... another golden beauty from the Land Down Under!

I’m impressed at Sherri-Lee Biggs humility after making a booboo – the Communications student from Perth was quoted in a news story as saying that Miss Universe 2004 Jennifer Hawkins had gone a little bit too far with cosmetic procedures. But Sherri-Lee quickly tweeted a public apology to Jennifer claiming she never said it and that she was just taken out of context by the press.

A nice article on Sherri-Lee Biggs on growing up in South Africa.

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BAHAMAS – Anastagia Pierre – 20 years old – 5’7″

Bahamas - Anastagia Pierre... more beautiful than the Island she comes from...

Girls with guts never fail to amaze me… and I’m not talking about fat bellies here. Anastagia Pierre (who has tight abs, btw) is a girl with major major guts – while studying in Spain for a semester, Anastagia Pierre took part in the annual run with the bulls in Pamplona! The world-famous Pamplona Bull Run is so dangerous that every year 200 to 300 participants get injured. And every now and then, someone dies.

Another sign of guts – Anastagia Pierre has joined numerous pageants. According to her Wikipedia entry she won Miss Florida Teen USA in 2004, Miss Florida USA in 2009 and 2nd Runner-Up in Miss Intercontinental 2010 representing the Bahamas.

Learn more about Anastagia Pierre here.

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BELGIUM – Justine De Jonckheere -19 years old – 5’9″

Belgium - Justine De Jonckheere... smouldering like a live coal...

Wow, Justine De Jonckheere (pronounced dyong-KEE-reh) was featured in the video of the song “Easier Said than Done” by Dean (who I think is a famous singer in Belgium). During a long car ride, he told his manager Brigitte that he was such a big fan of Miss Belgium Justine De Jonckheere and that he’d love to have her in the MTV of his song. After a few phone calls, Brigitte got Dean’s wish. Click here to watch the video!

More pictures of Justine De Jonckheere here.

A short article with more photos of Justine De Jonckheere.


BOLIVIA – Olivia Pinheiro -27 years old – 5’8½”

Bolivia - Olivia Pinheiro... curves to drive you crazy!

There’s a common belief among pageant fans that the older the contestant, the less chances she gets of winning. But in the case of Olivia Pinheiro, I think we can make an exception. This 27 year old babe looks nothing like 2 decades and 7 years donchathink? Last February, Bolivian media tried to take her down by making an issue of her age. She was so disturbed by the hullaballo that arose afterwards that she actually resigned. But you can’t put a good girl down – in June, it was announced that Olivia Pinheiro qualified and that she was going to wear the Bolivian sash in the Miss Universe 2011! Click here to read more.

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And here is Olivia Pinheiro’s Wikipedia entry listing all of her beauty titles.


BOTSWANA – Larona Kgabo – 25 years old – 5’8″

Botswana - Larona Kgabo... guitar-shaped gorgeousness...

What do I like about Larona Kgabo? Well… she’s a Christian who is serious about her faith. She even invited her Pastor to attend her send-off and during the interview Larona Kgabo thanked her parents for teaching her about God. She quoted Proverbs 22:6 which says, “Train up a child in the way they should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

I have two kids that I tried to raise according to that Proverb and I tell you, IT WORKS!

Click here to see why Larona Kgabo, an Architect, won Miss Botswana.

More photos of Larona Kgabo here!


BRAZIL – Priscila Machado – 25 years old – 5’11”

Brazil - Priscila Machado... one of the most striking faces in this Miss U batch!

There are many things not to like about Priscila Machado – she has posed topless (the photo is all over the internet) and has had plastic surgery because she didn’t like what she described as her ‘skinny body’. She also exhibited skewed logic when she defended herself in an interview by saying, “a photo is considered ‘published’ only if authorized. I’ve never authorized it to be published, so it does not exist.”  Okaaaaay…. this is so ‘tree in the forest’.  To make things worse, she’s not loved by Brazilian pageant fans – many of them in the audience booed when she won.

She also has tattoos but that doesn’t bother me too much since they don’t get in the way of her beauty.

Anyway, since I always find something to like about people, there is one thing I do appreciate about Priscila Machado – she doesn’t give up. She joined Miss Brazil two times and lost in both beauty pageants. The third time she joined,  she returned with a vengeance, plus plastic surgery, and won. Hats off to you Priscila Machado for not giving up on your dream!

Click here to see photos (but no nude ones) of Priscila Machado.

An article on Portuguese about the controversies surrounding Priscila Machado.


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