89 Things I Like About the 89 Miss Universe 2011 Contestants PART 6

Finally! I have time to settle down and check out all the contestants in Miss Universe 2011. I hear our girl Shamcey Supsup (Philippines) is leading in the online poll. Please vote for her because if she gets the most votes then she automatically enters the semi-finals! Click here to VOTE!

And now, my thoughts on this year’s collection of Miss Universe 2011 beauties. Names highlighted in RED are my favorites. Those in GREEN have caught my eye. Read on…

A million thanks to Ditas Pangilinan for spending hours on Google Translate helping me compile trivia about the Miss Universe 2011 contestants, I love you grrrl!

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LEBANON – Yara Khoury-Mikhael – 22 years old – 5’9”

Lebanon - Yara Khoury-Mikhael... better than Baklava...

In a candid answer in one of the many interviews Yara Khoury-Mikhael has had to give after being crowned Miss Lebanon, she admits that she joined the pageant because her family encouraged her to do it, “so I thought I’d try it. I’m very happy with the result, and I don’t regret it at all.”

The 19-year old media student knows the pressure and expectations of people, specially after fellow Lebanese Rima Fakih won the 2010 Miss USA title. She adds that it’s been pretty weird because there are a lot of people supporting her but at the same time she’s gotten a lot of nasty criticism… for instance, her Arabic is not brilliant enough for some people so she’s getting lots of flak for that.  But she has a great attitude towards all of it: “I’m going to enjoy this year and the responsibility that will come.”

Yara Khoury Mikhael admits she’s a Twitter addict in this interview so I’m following her Twitter account… you should too!

A gazillion photos of Yara Khoury Mikhael on her Facebook!


MALAYSIA – Deborah Henry – 26 years old – 5’10½”

Malaysia - Deborah Henry... super gorgeous... super woman!

There’s a Superwoman in this batch of Miss Universe 2011 contestants and her name is Deborah Henry!

First, she’s physically fit: Deborah Henry grew up in Kuala Lumpur, where she excelled in her school as an athlete! She was even awarded “Sportswoman of the Year” while a highschool student at Sayfol International School.

Second, she’s smart as a whip: Deborah Henry’s got two science degrees – a Political Science and an Economics degree from the University of Queensland, Brisbane.

Third, she’s a bundle of talent:  She is a model (started at 15), a talk show host, and an actress. Deborah Henry was also Miss Malaysia World 2007, and made it to the top 16 of that year’s Miss World pageant, the highest placement achieved by a Malaysian beauty titlist since 1998!

Fourth, she’s all heart: Deborah Henry is a World Vision Children’s Rights advocate and was involved with UN High Commission for Refugees. Her official artist page includes a Maya Angelou poem “The Phenomenal Woman”. She ends the entry, saying, “I think it is incredibly empowering for women from all walks of life.” Definitely someone to watch out for in this year’s Miss Universe!

Here’s a VERRRRY LONG Youtube Video of Deborah Henry compiled by a fan. It’s actually very nice!

A bevy of beautiful Deborah Henry photos here!


MAURITIUS – Laetitia Darche – 20 years old – 5’9”

Mauritius - Laetitia Darche... the most beatiful Miss Mauritius to date...

For winning the Miss Mauritius title last year, Laetitia Darche gets to represent her country in not one, but TWO international beauty pageants: Miss Universe and Miss World!

She was born in Belgium to a Belgian father and Mauritian mother, and perhaps due to all the traveling as a child, can speak FIVE languages: French, Spanish, English, Flemish (Belgian Dutch) and Mauritian Creole.

Laetitia Darche also placed 2nd overall in the 2009 Elite Model Look Mauritius, garnering the Prix Special de Jury. Her mother says that even as a child, Laetitia saw herself as a model: setting up modeling “parades” at home seemed to have been a favourite game. For now, Laeticia Darche has chosen to take a break from pursuing her degree in sociology and economics at the Paris-Sorbonne University so she can prepare for and focus on the two big pageants.

Find out more about Laetitia Darche’s fairytale life here

Laetitia Darche’s Facebook has a small collection of photos! But Global Beauties has more here!


MEXICO – Karin Ontiveros – 23 years old – 5’11”

Mexico - Karin Ontiveros... hotter than a shot of Tequila...

Amatitán, Jalisco in Mexico now has another reason to be proud: it is the home of Nuestra Belleza Mexico 2010 Karin Ontiveros, who will represent the country in this year’s Miss Universe pageant. The statuesque Industrial Design student is the third Miss Mexico from Jalisco in the last 3 years, following the footsteps of Ximena Navarrete, who went from Miss Jalisco to Miss Mexico to Miss Universe. And Karin Ontiveros is going in with wisdom from the reigning queen: “Just be yourself. You don’t have to pretend, they will know that.”

Amatitán, by the way, is believed to be the birthplace of tequila : ) could it be Karin Ontiveros’ beauty secret? LOL!

Ooooooohhhh… a wonderful page on Karin Ontiveros by Pageant Fanatice here! It has beautiful photos of her and an exclusive interview where she says she believes in magic and in fairies… and would like to be Unicorn if given the chance to be an animal.

Follow Karin Ontiveros on Twitter!


MONTENEGRO – Nikolina Lončar – 23 years old – 5’10”

Montenegro - Nikolina Loncar... fair beauty from the Black Mountain...


NOTE: Montenegro’s Nikolina Loncar won the Miss Friendship award at the Miss Universe 2011 Prelims! Congratulations to Montenegro!!!

This is a bit confusing: Nikolina Lončar was supposed to have been the Miss Montenegro representative to last year’s Miss Universe pageant, but she says she wasn’t able to go because she was only 16 years old when she won in 2009…and yet she is listed as having been born circa 1988 and might be 22 or 23 years old to date.  Maybe someone can help clear the confusion? Don’t want to assume that Nikolina Loncar was not telling the truth about her age…

Moving on to more factual ground…  Nikolina Loncar turned to modeling in the past few years, and has honed her English enough to impress the organizers of the Miss Montenegro pageant to give her another chance to represent her country in the competition for the 2011 Miss Universe crown.

Click here to read an interview where Nikolina Loncar moans over the rigorous schedule at Miss Universe 2011 and how she spends what little free time she has in the computer room staying in touch with her family and friends.

Photos here of Nikolina Loncar!


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NETHERLANDS – Kelly Weekers –  22 years old – 5’11”

Netherlands - Kelly Weekers... Northern babe sizzling on the beach...

Kelly Weekers recently earned her Psychology degree, and after finishing her reign and duties as Miss Netherlands, plans to pursue a master’s degree in Child Psychology. When asked if she would exchange her title for 10 Million US$, she gamely replies: “Can I choose both?” then eventually says “I would not give my title up for money.”

When asked to describe herself, Kelly Weekers says she loves to have everything clean and organized, she enjoys eating, and she expects to find good coffee in Brazil.

Not all Website interviews do justice to beauty queens but this interview I found on The Ideal Beauty gives us a pretty good picture of who Kelly Weekers is! Read it here

Find out more about Kelly Weekers in her blog which she updates herself. It’s got lots of personal info 🙂 Kelly Weekers is also a Twitter maniac and a Facebook addict!


NEW ZEALAND – Priyani Puketapu – 20 years old – 5’8”

New Zealand - Priyani Puketapu... as exotically beautiful as her name...

Priyani Puketapu is not a newcomer to competition in beauty pageants. In 2009, she competed for the Miss Universe NZ title as a representative of Horowhenua, a district in her country and won 1st runner-up. This year, she represented Wellington, and, as they say, took the homecourt advantage and walked away with the crown. Priyani Puketapu eventually hopes to become a tv journalist after she gets to complete her studies at Massey University, and values her beauty pageant experiences for teaching her how to handle all kinds of social events and “to talk to people at any level.” She is proud of her Te Ati Awa roots and brags about her grandfather, artist John Puketapu, whose work is on display at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa.

Pageant Fanatic’s fantical page on Priyani Puketapu! Loads of photos with bits of info on the New Zealand beauty…


NICARAGUA – Adriana Dorn – 24 years old – 5’9”

Nicaragua - Adriana Dorn... imperfections? NOT!!!

“I am very happy with myself, because our imperfections are what makes us human beings,” says Miss Nicaragua 2011 Adriana Dorn. Having grown up in a close-knit family, a devout Catholic with memories of a hug from Pope John Paul II when she was nine, she describes herself as a tomboyish girl who played with Barbie dolls, climbed trees, and hung out with the boys. In her teens, Adriana Dorn was so much taller than everyone in her class that it made her feel awkward. But her Mom Margarita Rodriguez Dorn made a wise decision to sign her up with a modeling agency.

Adriana Dorn has a degree in Public Relations, with minors in Business Administration and Psychology from Pennsylvania State University. She plans to continue pursuing a graduate degree in Marketing Management and was working as a public relations executive before joining and winning Miss Nicaragua 2011.

A looooong article on Miss Nicaragua 2011 Adriana Dorn…

An an exhaustive collection of Adriana Dorn’s photos and trivia at Pageant Fanatic!


NIGERIA – Sophie Gemal – 22 years old – 5’7½”

Nigeria - Sophie Gemal... cinnamon spice... very, verrrry nice!

The national title is Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, and the Miss Universe representative is Sophie Gemal. A History graduate from the University of Abuja, Sophie Gemal decided to finish school before allowing herself to be cajoled by her friends and family into joining the pageant.

Sophie Gemal also knows now that there is more to beauty pageants than what people think: “Most people perceive pageantry as just about swimwear and exposing your body, but I’m hoping they will see it as a platform to help others too.” And while a lot of the Miss Universe contestants lately have come from modelling, Sophie Gemal hopes to get into modelling after this, knowing that it will provide her with a means to pursue her platform: “I’ve always had interest in children…so I hope to help children in need with food or shelter… (and) education.”

Visit this article on Sophie Gemal in Allure Magazine, but you’ll have to scroll to pages 11 and 12…

Some photos and a video of Sophie Gemal departing from Nigeria on her way to Miss Universe 2011!


PANAMA – Sheldry Sáez – 19 years old – 5’8”

Panama - Sheldry Saez.... a living Barbie doll...

She’s only 19, but Sheldry Saez has been a beauty queen since she was 8, when she won “La Niña Más Bonita del Verano” (The Prettiest Girl of Summer) which started her modeling career. Then in 2007 she joined and won the Wilhelmina Model Search, leading to a 6-month modelling contract in New York with Wilhelmina Models. Sheldry Saez had training in classical and modern ballet, modern dance, and theatre during her teen years, and also excelled academically: when she graduated high school, she had the 2nd highest GPA in her batch at Colegio Agustiniano Nuestra Señora del Buen Consejo. Sheldry Saez is currently in the midst of her Bachelor of Marketing degree at the Universidad Católica Santa María La Antigua in Panama City, most probably in preparation for joining the family business “Muebles Sáez” (Sáez Furnitures).

For Sheldry Saze it is not enough to give to charity. She is an active volunteer with “Valoraté” (Value Yourself), a foundation that works with children with learning difficulties. “It is in our hands to heal wounds,” she writes on her site. “Never set aside giving, for love of our neighbours, and for love of our God.”

Photos galore of Sheldry Saez on Pageant Fanatic!

And an intense Video of Sheldry Saez – behind the scenes footage of her Official Miss Panama 2011 Shoot…


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