Annalie Forbes: An ABQ Top 12 Pick in Bb. Pilipinas 2012!

Annalie Forbes

Bb. #29 Annalie Forbes – Very pretty face, I think. Pert is the word, actually.

Annalie Forbes has found much success in her career as a lounge singer and has been singing in the bars of different 5-star hotels in Metro Manila the past couple of years. While her last name sounds ritzy, she comes from very humble beginnings. Her Father is a Cabbie and their combined earnings go to the needs of their family. But even if Annalie Forbes started her singing career at age 17, she hasn’t forgotten the importance of getting an education. Now, at age 19, she’s studying Information Technology at STI Cubao as a Freshman.

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A formidable opponent, Annalie Forbes has several beauty pageant titles lining her CV – Bb. Bulacan 2011, Miss Sophie Philippines 2011, First Runner-up Miss Makati 2011 and Bb. STI Colleges Cubao 2012.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, her legs are AMAZING! During the Bb. Pilipinas 2012 Talent Show, Annalie Forbes gave us a dose of her singing and a good look at her lower limbs which are worthy of mentioning. Click here and scroll down to see what I mean…

Now it’s Look Alike time and it looks like many pageant fans are calling Annalie Forbes the Elisa Najera of the Philippines. (Elisa was 4th Runner-up in Miss Universe 2008 when Dayana Mendoza won.)  Hmmm… do you think they look alike?

Elisa vs Ali

#29 Annalie Forbes - 5'5.5" - 19 years old - She's got a million-dollar smile!

Whoah! This lovely photo above of Annalie Forbes was found on this Missosology page!

Ali Forbes, beautiful and dumure in this black number...

Ali Forbes at the Parade of Beauties