ABQ’s Great Discovery at Suvarnabhumi Airport!

If you ever find yourself stuck for hours at the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bankok, you can kill some time and relax at this reasonably-priced Day Spa that offers Foot, Hand and Shoulder Massages at 300Baht for 45 minutes

I got a 1hour session combining hand and shoulder (they actually include head and back) for 380 Baht. All sessions come with a free tiny bottle of water. The communal massage area can get chilly so you are provided a fresh, warm blanket.

This little foot massage place is on the 2nd level of Suvarnabhumi outside immigration past the baggage carriages. If you’re facing the exit doors, the Day Spa is on you left at the end of the hall.

Although they have no beds, they do have Wicker Daybeds which are very comfortable. The place can get very busy; we had to wait 15 mins for a masseuse. They tend to give hard massages and if you can take the pressure, it can do wonders for stiff shoulders. I felt light as a Bamboo Stick after my session.

This is an excellent find, thanks to Pastor Chuck Quinley and his wife Sherry for the recommendation! I normally can’t sleep during massages but this time I was able to doze off a few times! An excellent find!