ABQ’s Excellent Coffee Find in Thailand: Black Canyon Coffeeshop

I’m a Coffee Addict and I think I will be forever. While I frequent Starbucks in Manila everyday and often buy Barako Coffee for the house, when I’m in Thailand, Black Canyon Coffee is my choice!

Black Canyon Coffee is like THE Starbucks of Thailand with nearly 200 branches nationwide. Its a Thai franchise that began in the early 90s and has experienced tremendous growth with expansion in other Southeast Asian nations.

But what makes Black Canyon Coffee different from Starbucks and similar coffee experiences is that they serve a full menu, not just designer Coffee and cakes.
You can get Salads, Sandwiches, Rice Meals, Noodles, Ice Cream etc!

If you’re a Coffee freak like me visiting Thailand, you have to give Black Canyon Coffee a try – they have a branch at the Suvarnabhumi Airport and in every key city in Thailand.