ABQ’s Incredible Wine Find in Mae Salong!

Wow, I found this local Mae Salong Wine in one of the Chinese Tea Shops here. Its actually made of Cherries and its alcohol volume is 12.5% just like any grape wine you’d find in a winery! It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling just after a few sips. Soon enough, I was blushing like a Cherry myself, lolz!

Review: Mae Salong’s local Cherry Wine makes me think of Sangria but its not as sweet and is more macho-tasting – it has a raw aftertaste which more refined drinkers might find offensive. I enjoyed it myself since I don’t mind that occasional rough drink. I had the Cherry Wine with Mixed Nuts, Preserved Cherries, some Cheddar and Seaweed strips – all went well with the wine.

1) the reasonable cost of the wine (180 Baht),
2) its exotic fruity flavor,
3) the Bloody Mary look when in a glass,
4) the nice kick you get after the first half-glass,
5) and its compatibility with a variety of snacks, Mae Salong’s Cherry Wine is an amazing find! I give it 3.5 tiaras before and 4 tiaras after a couple glasses!

Just make sure to have a corkscrew with you!