ABQ’s Top Tea Purchase in Mae Salong

When Sherry Quinley told me about the Bitter Melon Tea she discovered during her frequent trips to the mountain village of Mae Salong, my curiosity was peaked. Sherry is a wooooman of amazing taste and one does not ignore praises from her lips. So I quickly had a cup of the Bittermelon Tea and liked it MUCH better than the Oolong and Green Teas traditionally grown in this part of the world.

Of course, it is an unfair comparison because Bitter Melon Tea is not really a tea. Its an Infusion or a Tisane and does not have caffeine. Real tea on the other hand comes from the Tea Plant and contains caffeine.

But out of all the Tisanes I have tried, this particular Bitter Melon one does not taste like its name suggests. I find its flavor soft, woody and clean, minus any aftertaste.

If you look closely, you’ll see Chinese characters and designs on the packet, the reason being, Mae Salong has a big Chinese Thai community much like the Chinoy community we have in Manila. And there is a long history that tie Northern Thailand and China to each other.

Now going back to the Bitter Melon ‘Tea’ – this 100g packet cost only 100 Baht and is cheaper than the Teas they sell here. The packet goes a long way – one pinch is good enough to Infuse a big mug of hot water!

Aside from the flavor, the one other thing I love about this Bitter Melon ‘Tea’ is it looks like I’ve got funky golden brown asterisks floating around in my Cup!