I Need Your Thoughts on ABQ’s Experimental Vlog…

Hi pageant fans and ABQ readers, I need your thoughts on a little vlog that we made, experimentally. Sorry, the content is a bit OLD-ish but we had to have a something to practice with.

Please leave the comments on the Youtube Video but PLEASE if you have something BAAAAD to say, say it like a beauty queen – use tact and kindness in your criticisms.

On the other hand if you love it, then SAY SO! And spread it around.

Lex Librea, my co-host, and I want to keep doing this regularly but we need to find out what you guys think before we proceed with our next vlogs!

BTW. ERRATA: The editors made a mistake putting Venus’ Raj’s photo when it was supposed to be a DIFFERENT GIRL. Guess who? Actually, it’s my fault because I didn’t tell the editors WHO the girl was. LOLZ!

Hope you like it and if you have ANYsuggetions, ideas, etc. if we can do it, we will try. Click on the YouTube below and leave your comments and ideas there!