MWP 2012 Notes – Contestant #1 Kaye Wigand

Kaye Wigand at the MOA Screening… Photo courtesy of OPMB…


I saw Kaye Wigand first when she attended the screening at Mall of Asia. She was in a bright yellow dress that melded so well with her lightly-tanned body. Thanks to OPMB for the photo.

I later discovered that Kaye Wigand had German blood (and can speak German, French, English and Pilipino fluently) but she looked more to me like an Island Girl or a Miss India. The second time I saw her was at the final screening of Miss World Philippines 2012 after they had announced the Top 25. She was glowing that night, thrilled to have made it into the official list!

IMHO, her winning asset is her gorgeous face which brightens even more when she shines. In fact, I like it better when her hair is pulled back so you can see her face clearly. Kaye Wigand’s beauty really stands out and I think its because she doesn’t look Pinay at all. If I just saw her at the beach I would have never thought that this 19-year-old from Puerto Galera had Pinoy blood. I’m not trying to do a Bayo here okay. I believe that beauty is beauty no matter what the blood!

Next asset: Kaye Wigand is quite fit. She’s a volleyball varsity player, a serious Ju-Jitsu student and has won medals in Track and Field. You go grrrl!

Kaye Wigand at the Miss World Philippines 2012 Press Presentation

Kaye Wigand (center) after the Top 25 were announced.