MWP 2012 Notes – Contestant #2 Vanessa Claudine Amman

Vanessa Claudine Amman at the Final Screening of Miss World Philippines 2012… her big hair was tucked back!


Vanessa Claudine Amman is not your typical beauty queen contestant: she’s got this fresh girl-next-door look and her corkscrew hair is everywhere! Scroll down to see what I mean. I think girls with that kind of big hair are brave to join beauty pageants because the current trend for beauty contestants is loooong hair with big soft curls. So I always enjoy it when someone walks in with hair like Vanessa Claudine Amman’s! This photo on the right is from here.

Observation: She is part German but looks more middle-eastern to me. What do you think?

Just so you know, Vanessa Claudine Amman is no pageant newbie. She almost won Miss Cebu 2011 placing 2nd Runner-up WITH the same lovely curls she’s sporting at MWP 2012.  AND she won Miss Friendship which says a lot about her character. I’m really not surprised since even on stage she comes across as a sweetheart.

This German-Pinay beauty from Lapu-Lapu City also did well in the Mega Fashion Crew 2011 reality show and made it into the Top 4. Does anyone know exactly how far she made it? Vanessa Claudine Amman is also one of Mega Magazine’s most beautiful.

Additional notes: Vanessa Claudine Amman’s outgoing personality has won her the Miss Friendship Award in MWP 2012 – and rumor has it that she REALLY is the friendliest one in this batch of beauties. She also won the Miss Laguna World Award – congratulations grrrrl!

Vanessa Claudine Amman doing a little dance move at the Press Presentation of Miss World Philippines 2012 at Manila Hotel…

Vanessa Amman during the Miss Cebu 2011

The photo above is from the blog of Empress of Drac who is also from Cebu.