MWP 2012 Notes – Contestant #4 Mariz Ong

Mariz Ong during the Final Screening of Miss World Philippines 2012


After much hunting online, I discovered that Mariz Ong is from Echague, Isabela and is an IT Graduate of University of Lasalette. Mariz Rosales Ong is also currently working as a Technical Specialist for Aegis People Support.

Photo of Mariz on the right is from this site.

Out of all her features, I like her very Asian eyes (if she smiles too much they disappear, hehehe) and her cheekbones with give her face that Artista quality that I really like. I’m guessing that this is her first big pageant since she doesn’t have the practiced moves of a pageant veteran but at the same time she does have the natural grace of a Filipina.

Some of her friends say that she resembles Princess Snell, a Starstruck finalist and I’ve got a photo below that compares them both. What do you think?

Princess Snell on the left and Mariz Ong on the right…

Mariz Ong at the Press Presentation of Miss World Philippines 2012 in Manila Hotel