MWP 2012 Notes: Contestant #11 Vania Valiry Vispo

Vania Valiry Vispo at the Final Screening of Miss World Philippines 2012


It is not surprising that the favorite sport of Vania Valiry Vispo is Basketball; after all she towers over the rest of us at 5’10”. I don’t have to tell you pageant fans that being tall is another valued asset for any contestant hoping to win the Miss World Philippines 2012 beauty pageant. And I think Valiry Vispo is going to do her best to do battle. She already has two achievements – she was 1st Runner-up in Mutya ng Tanauan City 2011 and in the same year Valiry Vispo joined Mutya ng Batangas and again won the 1st Runner-up sash. I have to say that it must be frustrating and yet thrilling to win 1st Runner-up twice. So close to the crown and yet so far. At the same time, being 1st Runner-up in any honest-to-goodness pageant IS an honor and a major achievement, I believe.

Thanks to OPMB for the photo above…

For me, the sweet smile and bright eyes of this part-time web designer are my favorite features of her. I also like Valiry Vispo’s perky attitude, which I got a dose of when I met her right after the Final Screening of MWP 2012 at the TV5 Studio in Broadway Centrum. I like to call her Miss Triple V 🙂

While Vania Valiry Vispo dreams of winning the Miss World Philippines 2012 crown, her ultimate dream is to become an ambassadress for the nation!

Vania Valery Vispo at the Press Presentation of Miss World Philippines 2012 at the Manila Hotel

Vania Valery Vispo’s official headshot in the Mutya ng Batangan 2011

Photo above from the official website of Mutya ng Batangan 2011!