MWP 2012 Notes: Contestant #12 Paulina Eliseeff

Paulina Eliseeff at the Final Screening of Miss World Philippines 2012


Paulina Eliseef is one of the two tallest girls in this batch of Miss World Philippines contestants. At 5’11”, this Amazonian stunner from Quezon City sometimes reminds me of one of our favorite beauty queens of all time – Chat Silayan. Do you see the slight resemblance in the photo on the right?

Aside from her tallness and regal beauty, Paulina Eliseef’s next asset is that she carries herself like a top fashion model. Which she is, in fact. She has done haute couture photo shoots for publications like Manila Bulletin and has also trundled down the catwalk of Philippine Fashion Week. In fact, at PFW, they turned her into a black girl for one show. It must of taken weeks to wash off all the body make-up!

When she’s not covered in make-up, Paulina Eliseef either has her nose in a book (her favorite authors are Neil Gaiman and Anne Rice) or she’s busy studying. This 3rd year Hospitality student at Global City Innovative College has plans of entering the culinary world.


Paulina Eliseef at the Press Presentation of Miss World Philippines in Manila Hotel

Paulina Eliseeff