MWP 2012 Notes: Contestant #19 Marie Loraine Dione de Guzman

Marie Loraine de Guzman at the Final Screening of Miss World Philippines 2012


And she IS Miss Talent in the Miss World Philippines 2012 beauty pageant!!!  The award was given in a pre-pageant event. Loraine de Guzman sang “Defying Gravity,” the signature song of the musical Wicked. And, wow, she did quite a good job! My friends who watched the Talent Show were captivated by her voice; check out the video on You Tube here.

Aside from singing, Loraine de Guzman can also dance and describes herself as an all-around performer.

Her earliest achievement in the world of pageants came when Marie Loraine Dione de Guzman won Miss Makati in 2006. She joined several more competitions namely Mr. and Ms. Philippine Youth 2008, Bb. Pilipinas 2009, Mutya ng Pilipinas 2009 and Miss Philippines Earth 2010 (representing Vigan).

Now, she’s in the Miss World Philippines 2012 hoping to fulfill her dream of winning a national beauty title. Win or lose, Loraine de Guzman does have the distinct honor of being one of only two Filipinas (as of now) who have competed in ALL the 4 big Filipino pageants (Bb, Mutya, MPE and MWP).

This product of St. Scholastica Manila (Grade School and High School) studied Nursing in CEU and Perpetual Help College and lists her job experience as Cabin Crew for Cebu Pacific.

Marie Loraine Dione de Guzman at the Press Presentation of Miss World Philippines 2012 at Manila Hotel

Marie Loraine Dione de Guzman