MWP 2012 Notes: Contestant #25 Maria Danna Javier

Maria Danna Javier at the Final Screening of Miss World Philippines 2012


Maria Danna Javier, our final contestant in the Miss World Philippines 2012, comes from humble beginnings – her Father is a driver and her Mother is a government employee. In spite of a difficult life, they were able to send their daughter Danna to college. She is an HRM student at Our Lady of Fatima University.

For me, Maria Danna Javier’s bright smile is her best asset – it brightens her eyes and brings out all things Pinay in her! So it is no surprise to me that this 19-year old won the Mutya ng Malabon 2012 beauty pageant representing Baranggay Hulong Duhat. She also won Best in Swimsuit in that beauty pageant. I am sure that being freshly crowned as Miss Malabon will give Maria Danna Javier that extra confidence as she levels up in the Miss World Philippines 2012.

The second thing I like about this Malabon lass are her gentle curves, which you can see in the emerald peek-a-boo gown which she wore to the Final Screening. Maria Danna Javier kind of reminds me of the Palawan beauty queen Jonavi Raisa Quiray in the photo above, what do you think?

I am so excited for Maria Danna Javier because one of her dreams in life is to become a national-level beauty queen while her other goal is to become a businesswoman. Hoping this fair lady gets to see both dreams through!

Maria Danna Javier at the Press Presentation of Miss World Philippines 2012 at Manila Hotel

Maria Danna Javier, newly crowned as Mutya ng Malabon 2012!