Queenierich Rehman is the Winner of Miss World Philippines 2012!

Queenierich Rehman glows as she wears her Miss World Philippines 2012 crown for the first time!

What a thrilling beauty pageant – so many beautiful girls but only one throne to fill. And it was won by no other than Queenierich Rehman on the night of June 24, 2012 at the Manila Hotel!!!

ABQ congratulates the winner Queenie Rehman as well as the Miss World Philippines team headed by Miss Cory Quirino for a second successful year. Good job on TV5 for being the new media partner of Miss World Philippines!


The Miss World Philippines 2012 winners and special awardees are:

Miss World Philippines 2012 Court of Beauties:
Winner: #22 Queenie Rehman!!!
1st Princess – #13 Ross Misa
2nd Princess – #2 Vanessa Amman
3rd Princess – #17 April Love Jordan
4th Princess – #16 Brenna Gamboa

Miss Beauty and Brains – #22 Queenie Rehman (winner is the Top 5 contestant who gave the best answer)

Miss World Philippines 2012 Top 5 –
#2 Vanessa Amman
#13 Ross Miss
#22 Queenie Rehman
#16 Brenna Gamboa
#17 April Love Jordan

Miss World Philippines 2012 Top 12 –
#14 Mariver Ocampo,
#22 Queenierich Rehman,
#18 Rufaida Babudin,
#5 Carla Lizardo,
#19 Loraine de Guzman,
#1 Kaye Wigand,
#13 Ross Misa,
#17 April Love Jordan,
#11 Vania Valeri Vispo,
#16 Brenna Gamboa,
#12 Paulina Eliseef,
#2 Vanessa Amman

BEST IN GOWN – April Love Jordan
BEST IN SWIMSUIT – Queenie Rehman

Miss Panteen – Queenie Rehman
Miss Olay – Vanessa Amman
Smart People’s Choice – Vania Valeri Vispo
Miss Manila Hotel – April Love Jordan
Miss MyPhone – Vanessa Amman
Miss Oracare – April Love Jordan


Congrats again to all the winners and special awardees of Miss World Philippines 2012 most specially to our new queen, aptly named Queenierich Rehman and her court of beauties!

The Miss World Philippines 2012 court of beauties! L-R: 3rd Princess April Love Jordan, 1st Princess Maryanne Ross Misa, winner Queenierich Rehman, 2nd Princess Vanessa Amman and 4th Princess Brenna Gamboa

ABQ with Miss World Philippines 2012 Queenierich Rehman… look closely, I’m holding up her crown!!! 🙂 it kept falling off after she was done giving her victory interviews to TV5. LOL!

Special Award winners of Miss World Philippines 2012 during Pre-Pageant night, June 19, 2012 at the Dusit Hotel:

Miss Philippines Prudential: Queenierich Rehman

Miss World Traveler: Queenierich Rehman

MISS PHOTOGENIC: Queenierich Rehman

Miss Talent: Loraine de Guzman. Special Mention: Queenierich Rehman

Miss Friendship: Vanessa Amman

Miss Laguna World: Vanessa Amman

Miss Manny O: Brenna Cassandra Gamboa

BEST IN FASHION RUNWAY: Brenna Cassandra Gamboa (winner gets fast-tracked into the Top 12)