ABQ Mourns Over the Passing of Comedy King Dolphy

Heard the news first from my helper Elsie, that Dolphy, the King of Comedy had died at half past 8 in the evening. My heart is broken for this loss, our loss. The Philippines’ loss, really. But at least I have a few cherished memories with Dolphy – – I got to do a movie with him a million and a half eons ago. Panchito, his most popular movie side-kick was still alive then. It was Kalabog En Bosyo Strike Again; in the story I was Miss Kyuta, the secretary of Kalabog and Bosyo (Dolphy and Panchito) who ran a Private Investigator business out of a camper.

I guess I’ll be watching the movie while I cry my heart out tomorrow night.

As for Dolphy, there is absolutely not one bad iota I can say about Him. He was always gracious, putting people at ease with his gentle smile. No big-star attitude from him! And yet he was and will always remain the greatest Comedian of the Philippines and I am proud to have shared a few moments on the silver screen with him!

To Zsazsa Padilla, my friend Rolly Quizon, his brother Epi Quizon, Vandolph and all those closest to Dolphy, my deepest condolences over your loss…

The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord…