An Assessment of Queenierich Rehman’s Chances in Miss World 2012

Queenierich Rehman, Miss World Philhippines 2012 at her send-off party with the press…

Farewell Queenierich Rehman as you fly off today, July 18, 2012 to Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China to represent our Bayang Magiliw in the Miss World 2012 beauty pageant. Coronation night is August 18, 2012 so you face a long, hectic month of competing with the very same girls that will become your friends!

Here is my assessment of Queenie’s possibilities starting with the difficulties I believe she’ll be facing. Don’t worry, the negatives will be followed by a big positives so please read the whole thing 😀

1) Current hostilities between China and the Philippines is the bangaw in the ointment.

Lets pretend the Miss World was being held in the Philippines instead of China. Do you think Filipinos would be happy if Miss China won while the the Scarborough argument rages in the dailies? Big, fat NO! So, its safe to assume that the Chinese (who are taught in History classes that they own these disputed islands) won’t be happy if a Filipino wins on their soil and would consider it pambabastos.

Just go back a couple of years when Miss Norway was believed to have lost the 2010 crown because of a diplomatic snafu between her nation and China. While beauty SHOULD BE beyond politics, politics often finds a way to grab an ankle and drag things down.

2) Queenierich Rehman speaks well when she’s talking to her generation which loves her Beatboxing skills. But she needs to realign her focus and speak to the older generations because that’s who’ll be judging her. Best peg would be Miss Cory Quirino herself who shows fabulous beauty queen skills when answering tough questions, even if she’s never won a pageant!

3) Our candidate’s other weakness would be in the Beauty-with-a-Cause theme/aspect. Miss World is bananas over charity work and gives an award to the contestant who best reflects the theme. But we believe Cory Quirino and Team MWP have fixed that with a series of visits by Queenie Rehman to different charities.

Now for the POSITIVES:

Queenierich Rehman’s tight bod!

1) In the same controversial 2010 Miss World pageant that I mentioned above, Miss Norway STILL made it to the Top 7, won the Top Model track and placed 2nd in the Beach Beauty and Sports Tracks.

This gives our candidate, Queenie Rehman much hope that in spite of the diplomatic drama going on she still can win in the track competitions and enter the semi-finals. And once she’s in the Top 10, who knows what can happen? Maybe it IS true that beauty can transcend politics!

But if Queenierich Rehman only enters the Top 10, it would be as good as a crown for me, since she is competing with a political handicap.

2) Queenierich Rehman has a big chance of winning or getting a runner-up slot in the following tracks which I ordered according to what I believe are her strengths:

a. Sports Track – with her background in Varsity Basketball and Volleyball, Queenierich Rehman can win this track.

b. Beach Beauty – Queenierich won Best in Swimsuit in two national pageants: the Bb. Pilipinas 2011 and the Miss World Philippines 2012. Let’s hope the judges in Miss World will be looking for the streamlined, lean tigress look that Queenie owns.

c. Top Model – just up the fierceness a notch and you will do well in this track, Queenie!

ADDENDUM: I forgot to mention that Queenie Rehman will surely get noticed in the Talent Competition with her Beat-boxing Skills. I doubt if she’ll win the Talent Award but wouldn’t mind eating my words if she does. It is an odd talent for a beauty queen, which I believe will work out to her advantage because it will make her stand out.

3) According to Cory Quirino, there’s a new track in Miss World and it’s The Facebook Track. All contestants have been instructed to manage their respective official country-Facebooks and the best FB winner will reportedly be Fast-Tracked into the Top 10.

With the Philippines being the Social Networking Capital of the World, we are miles ahead of other countries when it comes to FB usage. We know how to swim the murky waters of social networks. And TV 5 did some special training with Queenie to bump up her social network skills.

I am not sure if the number of likes will be the main criteria but I am guessing that Miss World will be looking more at the quality and busy-ness of a contestant’s FB page, giving less value to number of likes alone.

Whatever the case may be, we can help push Queenierich Rehman into the Top Ten by not just liking her Miss World Philippines Facebook Page but also by COMMENTING on everything she uploads.

To Queenierich Rehman: as you compete in the Miss World 2012 remember this – don’t be a bully claiming what’s NOT yours. Be a BEAUTY and share what’s yours!

MWP beauties – Miss Cory Quirino (Franchise Holder), Brenna Gamboa, April Love Jordan, Miss World Philippines 2012 Queenierich Rehman, Vanessa Amman and Ross Misa-001