Heavy Weight Contestants in Mutya ng Pilipinas 2012 – Like or Unlike?

Beauty or Not? It all depends on the beholder…

I couldn’t help but notice that this year’s batch of Mutya ng Pilipinas contestants has several ‘big’ girls in the fray. While I totally love Rubenesque plus-size beauties and believe that weight concerns shouldn’t stop a woman from feeling/being beautiful, I wonder if the judges will give them minus points for not being slim enough? Is it even fair to include heavy-set girls if they will just be discriminated against for their size? If we have height limits, shouldn’t we have weight limits too?

Chloe Marshall on the right was a Miss England runner-up and got both cheers and jeers for her effort.

I, personally, am glad to see curvy girls in Mutya yet at the same time I can see a few complications and can’t help but ask all these questions. Wondering what you think about it too. Do you think big girls belong in traditional beauty pageants like Mutya ng Pilipinas?

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Leave your Likes or Un-Likes below but remember, this blog is like my living room and guests are required to behave like good beauty queens and promote world peace. I dont mind strong opinions as long as they are respectful and delivered with kindness. Love you all!