Queenierich Rehman Enters Top 40 of Beach Beauty Track in Miss World 2012!

Received an elated text from Cory Quirino, that Queenie Rehman, the Philippine representative to Miss World 2012 got into the Top 40 of the Beach Beauty Track. Here’s the exact SMS:

Quenee made it to top 40 in beach bikini beauty qualifying round in Miss World out of 118 candidates. Final competition is later today. Please pray for her victory !;-)

I received a second text from Miss World Philippines franchise holder Cory Quirino asking Pinoys and fans of Queenie Rehman to vote for her:

Thank you and ask all to vote now by LIKING her on PHILIPPINE FB SITE thru MW website. www.missworld.com

Alright guys, gals and gays, its time to throw our online people power behind Queenierich Rehman ESPECIALLY since she is competing in China, which is not so friendly to the Philippines given the Scarboough issue. I don’t want to drag world politics into the beauty pageant but it can get very lonely when you’re competing in a big pageant like Miss World in semi-hostile territory. So if Queenierich Rehnan knows that she’s got Filipinos behind her and voting for her will make the battle a less lonely one. And, she might just get fast-tracked into the Semi-finals!

Vote NOW!