Emi-Con Sauquillo: An ABQ Top 4 Pick in Mutya 2012

Emi-Con Sauquillo – 5’6″

Emi-Con Sauquillo is one of the prettiest faces for me in this year’s batch of Mutya ng Pilipinas and from what I’ve read online, the only real drawback is that she’s not so tall (5’6″, reportedly). I really hate to bring this up but it is a topic that beauty pageant fans talk about and consider important, much like how basketball fans put emphasis on the heights of their favorite players. Tallness doesn’t make a person a better one, but in beauty pageants and basketball games, it can make a difference.

#18 Emi-Con Sauquillo – Binan, Laguna

Anyway, Emi-Con (Micon for short) caught my eye and just won’t leave my vision! So I’m putting her in my Top 4 List in spite of the height concern. But there is good news: Micon is armed with previous pageant experience. After winning Miss Biñan 2012 (representing the town of Bgy. Canlalay)  she went on to represent Biñan in the Bb. Laguna 2012 beauty pageant and won the main title, as well as Miss Talent and Best in Cocktail Dress! This will prove to be invaluable experience she can rely on in her bid to win at Mutya 2012.

After much rummaging around the net, I found some old photos of her, taken some time before she began her journey to beauty queen fame. Emi-Con Sauquillo has blossomed since those first photos and IMHO is ready to shine in Mutya ng Pilipinas 2012!

Emi-Con Sauquillo was also featured in a video for her college – the HRM Department of Letran Calamba and if you watch it here, I think she’s the girl at the front desk looking at a magazine.

If Micon does win one of the Top 4 Titles, my first recommendation is for her to trim down the waist area and get more fit. Best wishes to this lovely Laguna lass!

Emi-Con Sauquillo on the night she won Bb. Laguna 2012