Mutya Johanna Datul: An ABQ Top 4 Pick for Mutya 2012

Mutya Johanna Datul – 5’7″

Will Mutya win Mutya? I think so!

Out of my four Top Picks for Mutya ng Pilipinas 2012, I believe Mutya Johanna Datul is the one who is 100% sure to win one of the four titles being given away by pageant organizers. My reasons being: Mutya Johanna Datul has the complete beauty queen package from head to toe – to even her name. Her face is a dream come true and she’s naturally slim but I’m hoping that after she wins (oooh, brave!) she will go to the gym to level-up her muscles!

Mutya Johanna Datul at the Press Presentation of Mutya ng Pilipinas 2012

This Filipina stunner from Santa Maria, Isabela also has pageant experience to back her up. Mutya Johanna Datul represented her town in the Miss Isabela 2011. At the end of the pageant she was pronounced the Miss Isabela Tourism 2011 winner.

For me, the strongest indicator that Mutya Johanna Datul will walk off the stage of U.P. Theater with a crown and scepter on August 12 is the special award that she won in Mutya 2012 – the Mutya Press Favorite. All the press folk that attended the Press Presentation of the pageant were given a chance to vote for their favorite contestants and in pageants like this, the girl that is chosen by the Press is one of the girls to watch out for!

I found a wonderful article on Mutya Johanna Datul that talked about how she grew up impoverished but not defeated and how joining beauty pageants in Isabela and winning them helped bring much-needed finances for her schooling and the medical expenses of her Mom. It’s got lots of photos, please check it out by clicking here.

Mutya Johanna Datul stands 5’7″ (some websites say 5’8″). Vital stats are 34-23-34. She is definitely one helluva Beauty in Mutya!

Breath-taking beauty – Mutya Johanna Datul