My Post-Gener, Killer Habagat, Monsoon Surge Experience!

The Flood on our Street!

Living in Marikina certainly has its share of excitement, like being deluged in floods, annually. The past week was a crazy one for my household but I cannot complain because others have lost so much in this recent killer Habagat/monsoon surge.

While we were trapped at home on Tuesday and Wednesday because of flood waters that reached all the way to inside our garage, I can’t say that we were frightened. In fact, it was like a much-needed vacation except that Ron had to stay awake at night to keep vigil just in case the waters got too high and we needed to evacuate to higher ground.

Then on Thursday, we had to wade through knee-high flood waters! I left earlier in the day to do my usual newscast thinking that the rains were over but at around 3pm, it started again. Sheets of rain cascaded non-stop for 2 hours so I decided to skip the news and rush home. But it was already flooded on our street! Ron had to park the car at a nearby gas station and we walked the rest of the way home.

I was so worried since I had a wound on one of my toes and didn’t want to catch Leptospirosis – a horrible disease all typhoon warriors in the Philippines know of. But we had rainboots and the hubby carried me on his back when we were crossing the deepest portion of the flood so me feet stayed dry. Thankfully, the house was also dry; the water did not go beyond garage level.

No, I cannot complain. My home is intact. All my loved ones are safe. We got several days break from work. And it was nothing like the chest-deep raging waters that ravaged my home during Typhoon Ondoy two years ago.

But the hardest part was seeing the damage this killer Habagat/monsoon surge wreaked on other people in Marikina. After the worst was over,  Ron and I went around town and we saw so many homes standing in filthy water, their owners busy trying to salvage what they could.

One man had punched a hole through his roof and was like a rabbit going up and down carrying stuff to organize on his corrugated roof. But he displayed true Pinoy spirit because in the middle of trying to save his wet possessions, he was laughing at a message on his cellphone and texting away! In spite of all the trouble in our nation, it certainly is more FUN (and more FLOOD) in the Philippines!

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