Politics and Pushing: The Highlights of Miss World 2012

“Beauty with a Purpose” has always been the tagline of the Miss World organization. Unfortunately, that Purpose was overshadowed by Politics (Miss China winning on Chinese soil) and Pushing (Miss Malawi’s infamous shove of Miss New Zealand).

In this article from Critical Beauty, Miss New Zealand Collette Lochore talks about how surreal it was to be pushed off her marker on stage but that she had no hard feelings toward her ‘pusher’ Miss Malawi Susan Mtegha.

Can you imagine, if it was New Zealand who pushed Malawi then it would most likely turn into a racial issue. I shudder at the thought.

Anyway, the story feels incomplete because 2 things still remain in the dark :

1) Collette Lochore and Susan Mtegha had a verbal exchange before the pushing. What was said?

2) And what does Malawi have to say in her defense? In this article, a manager of the Miss Malawi franchise gives a defense but not an explanation.

Pageants have no room for pushy beauty brats and if Malawi’s pageant push was unwarranted (and so far that’s what it looks like) Miss World should investigate and take action if necessary to make it clear that it doesn’t tolerate bad behavior. What do you think?