ABQ’s Hero, Rapper LL Cool J Turns Burglar into BURGER!

(Beauty Queens aren’t the only ones who wear crowns…)

Not many ABQ readers know this but I am a major, major LL Cool J fan and when I saw the news today that he beat the living daylights out of a 56-year old burglar and broke his nose, jaw and ribs, it just gave me one more reason to love the actor rapper.

Click here to read the Philippine Daily Inquirer Story on LL Cool J’ Intruder Experience

Now I don’t glorify violence and i do feel sorry for the burglar-turned-burger but if you’re protecting your family, you do what you have to do.

In LL Cool J’s case, his daughter was in the house during the time of the break-in and the 44-year old rapper just wanted to make sure the intruder was disabled. If I had LL Cool J’s anatomy, I’d do the same to keep my baby girl safe from any creep.

Reasons why I love LL Cool J:

1) His fitness books are very effective for me. I have both of LL Cool J’s Platinum Workout books. And I like the way his personality shines through his writing!

2) I admire LL Cool J for taking control of his lifestyle and returning to fitness in his late 30s.

3) LL Cool J’s movie ‘Last Holiday‘ with Queen Latifah is one of my favorite Christmas movies! And I so totally love the way he portrayed his character – a man who chased the woman he loved. Reminds me of my hubby Ron, who is so devoted to me.

4) LL Cool J is a protector. There is something deeply attractive about gentle men who turn into gladiators when their loved ones are in danger. I admire that kind of quiet strength so much.

I know it’s hilarious that one of my heroes is a rapper but I don’t even have any of his music! Gotta fix that and run off to the nearest music store and grab all his CDs!