Beauty Queen vs BATMAN: Dindi Gallardo Sues Dark Knight Creator and GF for Hellish Workplace

Joanna Dindi Gallardo -she’s taking no more guano from the Dark Knight…

In this story from the New York Post, former Bb. Pilipinas Universe 1993 Joanna “Dindi” Gallardo filed a case against comic book writer Frank Miller and his girlfriend Kimberly Cox for, “smearing her work area with feces, destroying her printer with a hammer, throwing phones at her, and even leaving a used feminine hygiene pad by her desk.”

According to the report, Dindi Gallardo said Cox would complain about the Filipina beauty queen’s ‘funky accent’ and insist that she speak ‘f–king English.’

(I am confused by that because Dindi Gallardo has always been a good speaker and has no ‘funky’ accent. Hmmmm…)

Dindi Gallardo, who is now Mrs. Eric Mills, began working as Executive Coordinator for Frank Miller in 2008 in New York.

Frank Miller, genius creator of the Batman series Dark Knight. He also created Electra, Sin City and 300. WOW!

While I tend to believe Dindi Gallardo, knowing who she is, it will be very interesting to see how the case turns out. I am curious to find out what proof she might have to prove her case. But I do hope Dark Knight fans won’t hate on her in defense of the comic book genius and his girlfriend. We know how intense  comic book fans can be…   I’m a comic book fan myself (not so rabid) but I’m putting my bet on the beauty queen to win this one. Sorry Batman!

PS. I contacted Dindi Gallardo to check on her and find out how she was doing. Dindi says, she’s okay but can’t comment on the case at this point. Her lawyer is currently handling all interviews for her. She also said that she was grateful for the support coming from all her kababayans in the Philippines. It means so much to her!

Is the GF really as evil as the beauty queen claims? We’ll find out in the next installment of Dark Knight vs Beauty Queen

Thanks to Chino of RPN 9 for the lead!