Former Obese Teen, Now Beauty Queen – Ayelee Dasalla Competes at the Miss Humanity International 2012!

A photo of Ayelee Dasalla from Bb. Pilipinas 2012

*Update – Ayelee Dasalla’s handler John dela Vega  confirms she placed SECOND RUNNER UP!!!! Click here to read more on the Top 5 winners of Miss Humanity International 2012…

Ayelee Dasalla, the Philippine representative to the Miss Humanity 2012 beauty pageant will be competing against 26 other girls to win the crown on Oct 20, 2012 but to me, she is ALREADY a winner because of two major achievements in her life: losing 100 lbs thru diet and exercise AND becoming a beauty titlist.

But take note that Ayelee Dasalla did not lose all that weight so that she could join beauty pageants. She says, “never ako nag-isip na mag-pageant. I would watch Bb. Pilipinas but hindi ko alam na magiging part ako ng world of pageants.”

It was health concerns that motivated her to lose weight. Ayelee adds, “I come from a family of heavy people talaga! From my pre-school years to early college, mataba talaga ako. In my teens I would crash-diet but in college, nung nagaral ako ng Nursing, I learned just how bad my lifestyle was.”  At the time the 5’8″ colegiala had tipped the scales at a hefty 200 lbs and knew it was time to do something about it!

Ayelee Dasalla says she was always heavy as a child and teenager…

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Ayelee Dasalla insists that her weight loss program which took her from slightly over 200 lbs down to a flat 100 was not complicated but sticking to it was the challenge. For her diet, the only change she made was replacing her rice with kamote (sweet potato) or saba (plantain bananas) which she would eat with a meat dish. Everything else in her diet remained the same including occasional sweets.

As for exercise, she would go to the gym everyday and would work out for 2 to 3 hours. She would combine cardio and aerobics with some weights. My jaw dropped at the thought of exercising daily for such a long time but Ayelee said that she was so driven to lose weight that exercise became her focus.

Although she would sometimes backslide and eat rice, Ayelee Dasalla able to lose a whopping 100 lbs in the span of a year. It was in the middle of that year the siren of pageants called out to her. And it was a call that Ayelee Dasalla could not resist.

Competing at Bb. Bataan 2011


She was a much slimmer 130 lbs when the Mayor of Mariveles appointed her to represent the municipality in the Miss Bataan 2011. “Although nag-lose na ako ng 70 lbs, medyo chubby pa rin ako noon but I joined the pageant anyway. And to my surprise, I placed 1st Runner-up!” And to think that just months before, Ayelee was an obese girl who would never be caught dead in a bikini.

After the Miss Bataan 2011, Ayelee Dasalla was approached by beauty queen handler John dela Vega who convinced her to join the Bb. Pilipinas 2012. She agreed, but it forced her to put her Nursing career on hold; one major hospital in Metro Manila called her for an interview which she turned down.

Was it worth it? “Oo naman,” Ayelee says. Even if she did not place in Bb. Pilipinas 2012, qualifying for the most prestigious pageant in the Philippines was a big thrill for her. She adds, “marami akong natutunan sa Bb. Pilipinas and I will use those lessons when I compete at Miss Humanity in Barbados. As for my Nursing career, I can always go back to that later on.”

Ayelee Dasalla was in my list of darkhorses for Bb. Pilipinas 2012..


Miss Humanity International is a pageant that was born and annually held in Barbados. It’s thrust, according to it’s official website, is community and humanitarian service and requires all it’s contestants to engage in advocacies against child labour, HIV/AIDS Discrimination, domestic abuse, genocide, sexual exploitation, human trafficking, hunger, lack of access to pure drinking water or discrimination and poverty.

Ayelee Dasalla (in the blue dress) at the Miss Humanity International 2012…

The contestants will be presenting their advocacy to pageant judges and according to Ayelee, her advocacy is making health care accessible to poor Filipinos especially children. Even as a nursing student, she has been actively joining medical missions reaching out to those in need of medical help in hospital wards, barangays and less populated areas of the nation.

Last year’s Philippine representative, Czarina Gatbonton placed 2nd Runner-up in Miss Humanity International so Ayelee Dasalla has extra pressure to match or better that achievement!

Ayelee Dasalla (middle) at her sendoff with her Miss Humanity Philippines predecessor Czarina Gatbonton (in red) and co-Bb. Pilipinas contestant Ali Forbes (in black)

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Even before flying off to Barbados for the Miss Humanity International 2012 pageant, Ayelee Dasalla was excited to go because an old friend of hers was also competing in the pageant. Her room mate during Bb. Pilipinas 2012, Marie Molo Peter, is going to represent Norway. Marie (who is half Norwegian) and Ayelee got very close during the Bb. Pilipinas pageant and were not only roommates but also consecutively numbered – Marie was #12 and Ayelee was #11. Read more about it and see photos of the two girls in Norman’s Blog right here!

Ayelee Dasalla at the Bb. Pilipinas 2012 Press Presentation


Ayelee says after losing all that weight, keeping it off has been easy as…  um…  pie. She now eats rice but only in the mornings and exercises only two or three times a week for about an hour each time. She had gotten so thin during Bb. Pilipinas 2012 that her handler made her gain a few pounds for the Miss Humanity so from 100 she has gone up to 105 lbs. I’m sure her four wardrobe designers (Joel Acebuche, Poi Subijano, Edgar Madamba and Marvin Garcia) are thrilled to be dressing up Ayelee Dasalla’s lovely, slim frame.


As Ayelee gets ready to compete in the greatest battle so far in her life, she has this to say: “I am so happy to be competing in Miss Humanity because this pageant is not only about beauty but also about helping others. One of my dreams is to touch the lives of people and I believe that as a Filipina beauty queen, I can achieve this. Keep me in your prayers!”

Coronation night of Miss Humanity International 2012 is October 20, 2012 in Bridgetown, Barbados!!!

Ayelee Dasalla, stunning in her National Costume (Princess of the South-inspired) by designer Poi Subijano

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