Congratulations to Filipina Nicole Schmitz for Entering the Top 15 in Miss International 2012!

Nicole Schmitz flashes a smile at the mostly Japanese audience at the Miss International 2012. We are SO proud of you NICOLE!!!

Just hours after Ayelee Dasalla’s 2nd Runner-up success at the Miss Humanity International 2012, the Philippines reaps another pageant honor!

Adventures of a Beauty Queen congratulates Nicole Schmitz for making it into the Top 15 of the Miss International 2012 beauty pageant that just ended in Okinawa, Japan!

Nicole Schmitz had a sizable following in the audience and applause followed her whenever she came out on stage and I believe we can thank the Filipino community not just in Okinawa but Japan for the unabashed support!

After the Top 15 were selected, each candidate had to give a speech for the final competition. All of the top 15 ladies gave their speeches in English except for Miss Venezuela. Just want to thank the girls who struggle with English for their effort!

Although my clothes went out of fashion twice during the entire pageant, I do appreciate the time each girl is given to showcase her beauty, wardrobe, personality and advocacy. The Miss International is a beauty pageant that truly gives value to all of its contestants because they get more than the usual 3 seconds of fame that other pageants offer. While the Miss International might not be great for TV audiences who seek fast-paced action and drama, it is perfect for online broadcast; this means pageant fans can take a break, raid the refrigerator, discuss their choices, blog about it (like me) and give their dogs a bath. Truly, an empowering pageant!

I also feel really good about the judges at Miss International 2012 taking forever to finalize their decisions. It shows that they take the title seriously and won’t just give it to the prettiest babe on stage. The judges took two giant breaks to argue their choices and the hosts even asked the audience for patience. Wow, if they only knew how late us Filipinos stay for our own pageants…

Congratulations once again to Nicole Schmitz and all her trainers at team Bb. Pilipinas headed by Madame Stella Araneta for a job well done!


Two Latinas, Two Asians and One European make up the Top Winners of Miss International 2012!

Ikumi Yoshimatsu

Miss International 2012 – Miss Japan, Ikumi Yoshimatsu (Hmmmm… I’m blindsided by this. Why does this remind of Miss World 2012 in China? Anyway, Ikumi Yoshimatsu wins 2M Yen…  and in fairness, when they finally put the crown on her, she looked fabulous! Congratulations to Japan and to all my Japanese friends…)

First Runner-up – Miss Finland (They put on her tiara right at the front of her head so she looked like a bizarre unicorn. A lesson can be learned here? 1 Million Yen Prize.)

Second Runner-up – Miss Sri Lanka (800,000 Yen Prize)

Third Runner-up – Miss Dominican Republic  (500,000 Yen Prize)

Fourth Runner-up – Miss Paraguay (funny.. the host said she would get a sachet. Maybe he meant SASH? LOL! Anyway, she gets a 400,000 Yen prize.)

L-R… Paraguay (4th RU), Sri Lanka (2nd RU), Japan (winner), Finland (1st RU), Dominican Republic (3rd RU)… Congratulations to all the winners!!!


Those marked in red are my favorite speeches and beauties… (none of my favorites made it into the Top 5, grrrrr…)

Miss Colombia (Became a beauty queen as a way to help others. Her advocacy is child education.)

Miss Brazil (She is a nurse and she dreams of becoming a doctor. Looking out for welfare of people is not just in her profession but in her soul too.)

Miss Japan (Believes that women have endless potential and are uniquely capable of leading the future and in the eyes of our children we can all share the title of the most beautiful and important woman in the world.)

Miss Sri Lanka (believes beauty transcends borders. She aspires to use the title to pass on the message of peace and humanity to every corner of the world.)

Miss Finland (As Miss International, she would dedicate the message of love and peace where she goes. By her actions work and appearance she will be a role model for this generation as a person not afraid to go after her dreams.

Miss Namibia (If she wins she will promote global integration to encourage friendship among the countries to break the barriers of geographical standards. World Peace.)

Miss Venezuela (Spoke in her native tongue so I have NO idea what she said. But she said it confidently and the crowd cheered. Anyone knows what she said?)

Miss United Kingdom (If she becomes Miss International 2012 she would focus on charitable activities on international scale by helping women in developing countries through health, education and family planning.)

Miss USA (As Miss International 2012 she hopes to promote love peace and hope. She also wants to change what society considers beautiful and who we consider our role models.)

Miss Dominican Republic (She wants to send a message to the world of unity among all nations. She had the shortest and fastest speech.)

Miss Philippines (Believes that even with multicultural diversity we can have peace. She offers herself a s a strong, compassionate, responsible and independent woman for global harmony. Nicole gave a great speech and made me SO proud!)

Miss Paraguay (Biggest experience of her life was at age 18 when she went to a meditation center for 6 months. There she realized that only thing that matters is being  happy and the only way to achieve it is to live in the moment. She joined this pageant to communicate this. She got slightly emotional at the tail end.)

Miss Mexico ( if she wins Miss International 2012, she would like to be the voice of all the children that have different abilities. She also wants to work with women in violent situations.)

Miss India (She spoke about the Indian woman as a multi-tasker who has a career but also supports the dreams of her children, her parents, her husband and even her husband’s famil. She would like to  like to work with the UN and Unicef for the upliftment of women and girls thru education.)

Miss Haiti (She talked about the non-profit organization she founded called Peace Love International. Her heart is to empower women and children.)


Miss Friendship – Miss Mauritius

Miss Performance  or Talent – Miss Russia

Best National Costume – Miss Honduras

Internet Voting Winner – Miss Myanmar

Miss Photogenic – Miss Japan

Miss JOICFP – Miss Haiti (JOICFP is a Japanese Family Planning NGO partnered with the UN. They pronounce it “joy-sef”.)