Stephany Stefanowitz of the Philippines wins Press Darling in Miss Earth 2012!

Miss Thailand (Silver winner), Miss Philippines Stephanie Stefanowitz (Darling of the Press winner) and Miss USA (Bronze winner)

If there is one thing about Pinoy pageant journalists it’s that they love their own beauty queens. If there’s one thing about Pinay beauty queens, they are winners!

Put those two things together and the Philippines wins the first special award given out by Miss Earth 2012 today at the Best Western F1 Hotel – Darling of the Press Gold winner was Stephanie Stefanowitz!

Since I was situated right at the exit/entrance of the girls I had a great vantage point and was able to closely observe all 68 contestants before they presented themselves to the audience which was primarily made up of Press Folk.

Stephanie Stefanowitz (who looked so much like the gorgeous ZsaZsa Padilla today) was visibly nervous as she waited for her turn to come out. She seemed to be whispering prayers while taking deep breaths to calm herself. It must have been the sheer excitement of representing the Philippines IN the Philippines and knowing that the local Press already loves you.

Stephany Stefanowitz (Philippines) nervously awaits her turn to be presented to the Press at Miss Earth 2012’s Press Presentation

And the Press certainly showed their love when they gave Stephanie Stefanowitz the loudest cheer as she gracefully carried the Philippine sash.

Congratulations are in order as well for the runners-up – Miss Thailand grabbed the Silver Darling of the Press Award while Miss USA grabbed the Bronze place. I am also proud to say that ABQ voted for the Top 3 winners when Miss Earth organizers asked the Press to cast their 3 choices for the Darling of the Press special award!

A great start for Miss Earth 2012 and our Philippine candidate, Stephany Stefanowitz!