Filipina Chess Enthusiast Competes in Miss Intercontinental 2012 in Germany!

Camille Guevara when she was crowned Mutya ng Pilipinas Asia Pacific 2012

I’m not the only beauty queen who’s leaving on an jetplane today (I’m off to Dumaguete to catch Dagsa)… our reigning Mutya ng Asia Pacific 2012 Camille Guevara is also flying off and she is going to the world famous spa town of Aachen in Germany to vie for the Miss Intercontinental 2012 crown. The international beauty pageant will start on Nov. 10 and end on coronation night, Nov. 25, 2012.

And so, ABQ had the opportunity to spend an intimate afternoon with the 5 foot 8 morena beauty from Pampanga at the World Trade Center in Manila. First of all, Camille Guevara (one R only, please!) believes that her strongest physical asset is her legs. (Ok, that’s like TWO assets but I’m going to try NOT to count, LOL!)  I’m more used to hearing beauty queens say that their eyes, smile or face is their best asset but Camille defended her answer saying her legs carry her as she walks on stage. When I asked her to stand after our interview, I could see that they were indeed a pair of foundational assets – long, lithe and shapely.

The legs say it all! Photo courtesy of Melvin Sia

When I asked her about her hobbies, the 20-year-old Mutya ng Pilipinas winner had to think for a moment before saying – cooking and Chess! Camille Guevara says she used to play seriously and even competed in inter-school Chess meets as a child and teenager. Her odd fascination for the game earned her the nickname ‘Chess Wizard’ among her peers.

Unfortunately, her ‘career’ as a Chess Player has been at a stalemate for the longest time because of her studies. She is currently a graduating student at the Clark International College of Science and Technology studying Tourism. However, she has put THAT on ice as well to compete in the Miss Intercontinental 2012.

But this beautiful Chess player is not just all logic and strategy. Camille Guevara is going through an emotional time in her life as she juggles her beauty queen duties with crises in her family. After her Kuya (older brother) died prematurely at age 23 due to a heart attack, her Mother, Maria Josefina Guevara, grieved so deeply that she suffered two strokes . Although Mrs. Guevara can walk and move around now, she still needs to go through months of therapy to regain her ability to speak clearly. Camille’s Dad Isidoro is her Mom’s main caregiver while her sister is the breadwinner.

Although she was close to tears, Camille Guevara held it back saying that there was one good thing that has come out of all these difficulties – now she has something to fight for when she competes in Germany. Camille Guevara adds that she in not only competing for herself and her family, she is there to bring honor to the Philippines. She hopes to become the first Filipina to win Miss Intercontinental. According to Wikipedia, the closest the Philippines has come to winning was in 1993 when Maria Sovietskaya Bacud placed 2nd.

Camille Guevara in the swimsuit segment of Mutya ng Pilipinas 2012

But what are the chances of Camille Guevara in the Miss Intercontinental 2012? She believes that she can bring home the crown but also knows that she is facing some tough competition especially from the countries of Brazil and Puerto Rico. Hopefully, her weeks of training in catwalk, posing and the Q&A will enhance her natural Pinay beauty. Camille Guevara’s arsenal includes her competition gown and main wardrobe which will be furnished by designer June Angeles – the very same designer of the gown she wore when she won the Best in Long Gown award in the Mutya ng Pilipinas 2012 beauty pageant. June Also won the Best Designer award that night.

With right moves this Queen just might win the game for us and conquer the Miss Intercontinental 2012 pageant. Checkmate!

Best in Long Gown winner Camille Guevara in her winning June Angeles gown (Mutya ng Pilipinas 2012)