Pinoy Hunk June Macasaet Wins Manhunt International 2012 in Thailand!

June Macasaet of the Philippines wins Manhunt International 2012 in Thailand! Congratulations June and good job for the country!

ABQ is overjoyed with the victory of June Macasaet of the Philippines in the Manhunt International 2012 male pageant that concluded on Nov. 9, 2012! June Macasaet snatched the Manhunt 2012 sash from 54 other hunks from all over the world. His Runners-up are:

1st Runner Up – SWEDEN, Peter Bo Jonsson
2nd Runner Up – MACAU, Martin Wang
3rd Runner Up – PUERTO RICO, Jimmy Perez Rivera
4th Runner Up – SINGAPORE, Jason Chee

Finally, our guys are catching up with our girls in the world of pageantry and that just warms my heart as I sit here and drink my morning coffee…

A bit about June Macasaet:  according to Edgar Boyet’s blog, he is a 28-year old runway model and the current 1st Runner-up in Century Tuna Superbods.

Now, my regular readers know that I don’t normally follow international (and local) male pageants. And that’s simply because the Philippines doesn’t really have a track record in winning or placing in them. If I asked you to name ONE Pinoy who is famous for winning a male pageant, you’d be stumped. But if I asked you to name a Pinay beauty queen, you’d have at least ten names in your head before I can say Gloria Diaz.

But with June Macasaet’s win (and the sending off of Pinoy Rugby player Andrew Wolff to Mr. World 2012 in Kent, England – Finals is on Nov 24) it looks like ABQ will be expanding into covering and supporting our male beauty kings! LOL!

My thoughts on Male Pageants? Well…  I feel a little squeamish about the idea of men doing what’s usually associated with women. And honestly, there are some personalities who use pageants as a platform to get boys/girls into their bedrooms. I totally hate that.

Ok lang ako, choose the one you love, but don’t use the promise of fame as a way to get sex, diba?

Back to my thoughts on Male Pageants… I am not so squeamish that I can’t get used to the idea of such pageants as long as they are decent. In other words, if Male Pageants are handled properly and are REALLY about searching for the best “hunk-and-brains” in the Philippines then I’m here to totally support it all the way!

Congratulations again to June Macasaet for winning the Manhunt International 2012!!!

***note – please read comments following this post for a list of Pinoys who have placed/won in international male pageants.