ABQ Teaches Blogging and Voicing at Media Light 4.0 in Chiangrai, Thailand

Dear ABQ Readers,

I know this is an untimely time to take a trip with all the pageants happening but training young Christian leaders is close to my heart so I am here in Chiangrai, Thailand for two weeks to teach young people from all over the world how to blog and how to improve their speaking voice.

Some of the students of MediaLight 4.0, L-R Jung, Darwin, Haidi, Tuba, Duane and Franklin

My hubby Ron, who is my “partner in training” will be teaching the basics of Radio, Internet Broadcasting and Sound Tracking for Video Productions.

Media Light is the name of the school and we are now handling Batch 4.0 (the fourth batch since the school started 3 years ago). Ron and I have taught every single batch so far and we hope that we will always be around for every MediaLight batch.

The set-up is REALLY cool: the students LIVE here in Chiangrai for 10 weeks learning how to shoot and produce Videos and Short Films. Radio and Blogging are side topics but still important since our goal is to equip these young people to become Media Missionaries who are familiar with all types of media.

The boys of MediaLight 4.0 are horsing around with Haidi (tiara girl) and Tuba (pretty girl)!

This year’s batch is just like a beauty pageant – gorgeous people from all over the world!

We have Jung who is from Korea (and looks like a K-Pop star),
Sylvester from Pakistan (he looks like a Middle Eastern Prince),
Haidi who is from Denmark (strawberry blonde with a lovely smile),
Genaye from Ethiopia (who looks like an African Queen),
Griffinth from India (who is the best actor in the group),
Tuba from Turkey (she totally looks like a Beauty Queen),
Franklin from India (he is THE cool dude in this batch)
and Arun (a shy guy until there’s a Frisbee in his hand).

We also have 4 Filipinos!
Josie (who is cute as a button)
Marti (he is SO adorable you want to hug him!)
Darwin (always relaxed like a cool cat),
and Duane (whom I like to call THE DJ).

The girls of MediaLight 4.0 – Clockwise from leftmost girl: Josie (Philippines), Haidi (Denmark), Diandra (Philippines), Tuba (Turkey), Me (Philippines), Genaye (Ethiopia), Sherry (USA), Kim (South Africa) and Rory (Philippines)!

I’ve already missed the coronation of Miss Tourism World Philippines 2012 and I will be missing the coronation of Miss Earth 2012 on Nov. 24 !!! Arrghghgh! While that makes me as sad as a dreary day, meeting these young people and intersecting my life with theirs is worth the sacrifice 🙂 I thank God for my time here in Chiang Rai… and I thank God for you, dear reader, for loving the beauty in people and for always supporting ABQ. I’ll be back soon!