ABQ’s Hot Picks in Miss Earth 2012!

It is a big day for pageant fans with 3 international  pageants scheduled today, Nov. 24, 2012. There’s the Miss Intercontinental 2012 in Germany where Camille Guevara is representing the Philippines. Then we have the Mr. World 2012 in the UK – our rep there is Andrew Wolff and the third one is Miss Earth 2012, the most exciting one for me because it is being held in Manila! Unfortunately, the blogging beauty queen is NOT in Manila so I will have to just make do with text updates from a friend whose watching.

But I did get the chance to see the Miss Earth 2012 contestants in person during the Press Presentation 3 weeks back. But then I had to leave for Thailand right after that (to teach blogging and voicing) so I had to choose my favorites based on that one visit.

I made my choices as independently as possible, without reading articles, without following the medal tally and without comparing notes with my pageant friends.

My Top Three Girls (not in any particular order):

USA Siria Ysabel Bojorquez

Tall and tan and young and lovely, the girl from the USA is one of my top choices for the Miss Earth 2012 crown because she looks like a Barbie Doll and reminds me a bit of Angelina Jolie minus the overly poofy lips. Siria Ysabel Bojorquez is also very friendly – I had a nice 5 minute chat with her about whether she was voting for Obama or Romney (she said Obama because he had better environmental goals).

ABQ with Miss USA Siria Bojorquez

PhilippinesStephany Stefanowitz

The Philippines has an extremely strong candidate this year in the person of Stefany Stephanowitz. She has blossomed into a formidable pageant competitor in the past year and a half. During the Press Presentation, all the pageant writers kept saying she looked so much like Zsa-zsa Padilla; however, there was some disappointment regarding her physique; observers feel like she is not toned enough and looked sharper during the national Miss Earth Philippines contest. While I would LOVE to see a Philippine victory in Miss Earth 2012, I know it will come with lots of intriga since the pageant is a Philippine franchise and is being held in the Philippines. IMHO, this gives Stefany Stephanowitz a handicap (sad face me) but I’m rooting for her nonetheless!

Stephanie Stefanowitz of the Philippines!

Brazil – Camila Brant

If you think Camila Brant is gorgeous in her photos online, she is equally gorgeous in person. I fell in love with her doll-like face at the Press Presentation and I’m convinced that she has a huge chance to win the crown. Her queenly beauty is her best asset and her body is just as fabulous, hardly any fat and yet she doesn’t look emaciated. Loooove her so much and would welcome a Brazilian Miss Earth for this year!

Camila Brant of Brazil!

My Top Picks for Finalists: (Click on the links to see their photos)

KOREASara Kim – I thought, wow, a version of Marina Benipayo! Striking beauty from our neighboring Korea with eyes that can stop your heart from beating…

RUSSIA – Natalia Pereverzeva – She stepped out and I saw a goddess. Natalia Pereverzeva has an unearthly beauty that will captivate your eyes and then your heart.

SOUTH AFRICA Tamerin Michelle Jardine – There’s something about Tamerin Michelle Jardine that will make you put her on your list of favorites. She’s on my list because she does have that X-Factor and reminds me of Jennifer Connely. South Africa sent a charmer this year!

THAILANDWaratthaya Wongchayaporn – Oh yes, Thai women are beautiful and Waratthaya Wongchayaporn is quite the example. I’ll be crushed to pieces if she doesn’t enter the Top 15 and wouldn’t be surprised if she entered the Top Circle of winners in Miss Earth 2012!

VENEZUELA Osmariel Villalobos – It’s always safe to include Venezuela in your list. I say that as a compliment to Venezuela and it’s beautiful women! I like Osmariel Villalobos not only for her gorgeous-ness, but also because she was the only contestant wearing a one pecee at the Press Presentation of Miss Earth 2012.

My Other Favorites: (click on the links to see their photos)

AUSTRALIA – Jenna Seymour – The words “unreal beauty” popped into my head when I saw Jenna Seymour at the Press Presentation of Miss Earth. She is another beauty in this batch that photographs well. Height is 5’6″.

BAHAMASBrooke Maria Sherman – Out of all the African Queens in Miss Earth 2012, Brooke Sherman of Bahamas is my favorite because of her delicate features which combine to give her a strong beauty. She also looks taller than her 5’7″ height because of her long leggy-ness!

COSTA RICAFabiana Granados –  The Latina Queens in Miss Earth 2012 are a strong block of competitors and Fabiana Granados is one of the prettiest faces in that block. Best asset is her smile.

FIJIEsther Foss – I like this girl because her beauty is so natural and simple and comes out fully when she smiles. While I love the polished pageant competitor, there is something special about girls like Esther Foss who glow with innocence.

GUADELOUPESheryna Vanderkoelen – My Caribbean Queen! Just adore the angles of her face…

SCOTLANDSara Pender – What a pretty girl! Her smile is like sunshine on a rainy day. If you like the girl-next-door look then Scotland’s Sara Pender should be on your list.

TURKEY –  Ilknur Melis Durasi – The angular face of this Turkish delight reminds me of one of my favorite actresses Brooke Sheilds.