Shamcey Supsup Teams Up this Christmas with UN World Food Program to Feed the Children!

Miss Universe 2011 3rd Runner-up Shamcey Supsup with Pizza Hut Marketing OIC Raymund Nobleza (left) and UN World Food Program Phils Country Director Stephen Anderson (right)

As I entered the Pizza Hut at SM Araneta to attend the Presscon of Shamcey Syupsup’s latest endeavor – volunteering for the UN World Food Program in Mindanao – it dawned upon me that without her famed beauty this room wouldn’t be full of pressfolk. Beauty indeed has the power to fill rooms.

While beauty has its strengths, it is EDUCATION that deals a heavy blow to poverty. And Shamcey Susup, a Magna cum Laude Architecture grad and board topnotcher knows a thing or too about the hardships of life. She shared  the story of how her Mom, Marcy, who was born into an underprivileged family, had to go hungry as a child many times. Shamcey says Mom Marcy grew up poor in Iligan, Lanao Del Morte in Mindanao where it was difficult to get educated, to get money for allowance and to get even just one meal. To survive and stay in school, Mom Marcy would offer to do the homework of her classmates in exchange for food just so that she wouldn’t go hungry.

But with sheer ambition and resourcefulness, Shamcey’s Mom was able to qualify for scholarships and eventually finish college to become a Civil Engineer. The Miss Universe 2011 3rd Runner-up credits her own success to her Mom’s persistence in getting an education in spite of her difficult circumstances.

Because what her Mom had to go through, Shamcey Supsup hopes that this project will help poor children in Mindanao by making sure they have enough food. By donating just P10 to the UN World Food Program, Shamcey says you can feed one meal to one child. She says there are 4 easy ways to do this:

1) Buy one of three different Christmas postcards signed by Shamcey Supsup. The postcards are P40 each and will provide 4 meals to 4 children.

2) Drop your change into the special coin banks labelled “UN World Hunger Relief 2012” which are found at all Pizza Hut and Taco Bell outlets nationwide.

3) Order a Taco Bell WFP Combo Meal and Taco Bell will give P10 to feed a child.

4) Add P5, P10 or P20 to your Taco Bell or Pizza Hut Bill.


One of the P40 postcards of World Hunger Relief 2012 featuring Shamcey Supsup with recipients of the UN food programme… if you buy one, you will be feeding four children!

Shamcey Supsup hopes that for every P10 you donate, a child can eat and be encouraged to go to school.  She believes that if the hunger issue is tackled, young students will be more inclined to go to school and stay in school. She ended her appeal with a question she herself answered: ” Who knows who these children will become in the future? Perhaps the President or even Miss Universe!”

Hmmm… Beauty not only fills rooms; it can also help fill the hungry.