ABQ’s Thai Cooking Class Adventure in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

Or: “How a painful ankle taught us how to make Pad Thai”

Showing off my Pad Thai which tasted AWESOME!

Showing off my Pad Thai which tasted AWESOME!

Sometimes the bad can bring the wonderful into your life and that’s called serendipity! During our short weekend trip to Chiang Mai, I was glum over my hubby Ron’s achey ankle. He had sprained it in Dumaguete when we where there for the Dagsa concert. I really wanted to do some mountain trekking but one look at poor Ron’s ankle (and face) made me change my mind.

So as I was rifling through brochures at a Chiang Mai tourist center looking for a touristy activity that did not include sweating, I noticed three or four of them offering short Thai cooking classes. Ron and my daughter Diandra got so excited over the prospect of cooking Pad Thai and Sticky Rice with Mango (and eating it all) so I knew it was a ‘recipe’ for success. Hehehe…

After carefully studying the brochures, we settled on a cooking school called Basil Healthy Thai Cookery School because the food photos were fantastic and classes were no bigger than 6 people. So we booked ourselves at 1,000 baht each (a little more than P1,300 each at the going rate) and that included:

the vehicle,

all ingredients,

7  items to cook

and a cookbook!

Please check Basil Healthy Thai Cookery in case prices have changed…

On the morning of our class, a handsome man named Tom came to pick us up in a sedan.  He first brought us to the market to teach us how to shop like a Thai. We learned more about Galangal – a special kind of ginger root that the Thais use a lot and Horse Piss Eggs which thankfully were not on our ingredients list, whew!

Tom shows us Galangal, a special Ginger root that is often used in authentic Thai Curry

Tom shows us Galangal, a special Ginger root that is often used in authentic Thai Curry

Horse-Piss Eggs. WHOAH!

Horse-Piss Eggs. WHOAH!

After shopping, he drove us to Basil Thai Cookery’s School which was a lovely little townhouse inside the city walls of Chiang Mai. And it turned out that Tom was going to be our Chef/Professor for the day!

While learning how to cook at Basil Healthy Thai Cookery School still made us sweat, at least our bellies were happy and so was my hubby’s poor painful ankle. Thanks so much to Tom for a wonderful day of learning and stuffing face!

Why we recommend Basil Healthy Thai Cookery School: 

If you are wondering what to do while in Chiang Rai that’s LOTS of fun but won’t tire you out (unless eating exhausts you) then learning how to cook at Basil Healthy Thai Cookery is something you might want to consider. Here’s what we have to say about it:

It was SO easy to learn! With the guidance of Tom, an expert Thai Chef with 12 years experience in teaching, we managed to cook everything so quickly. You don’t need ANY experience! Our class began at 9am and ended at 3pm and we each got to create 6 dishes plus a Curry Paste per person!

They teach you how to make Thai Curry from scratch – it tastes so much better than the Curry Pastes you find in the stores.

You learn the authentic way of cooking Thai from a very entertaining and knowledgeable authentic Thai Chef!

The Basil Healthy Thai Cookery School feels more like a home than a school.

The kitchen is professional and it’s so much fun to eat in between cooking each dish!

You might go home to your hotel a few pounds heavier but so much happier!

Diandra at the entrance of Basil Healthy Thai Cookery

Diandra at the entrance of Basil Healthy Thai Cookery

Basil Healthy Thai Cookery School teaches the following dishes:

Green Chicken Curry

Panang Curry (Chicken or Beef)

Red Curry with Bamboo Shoots

Hot and Sour Prawn Soup

Chicken in Coconut Milk Soup (this is Ron’s favorite)

Hot and Sour Soup with Roasted Chicken

Fried Cashew Nuts with Chicken

Stir-Fried Prawns in Tamarind Sauce

Stir-Fried Minced Pork with Holy Basil

Pad Thai (my favorite!)

Drunken Noodle

Fried Rice Noodles with Soy Sauce

Papaya Salad (Som Tam)

Fried Spring Rolls

Savoury Minced Chicken Salad

Deep Fried Banana

Black Sticky Rice Pudding

Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango (Diandra’s Favorite)