ABQ’s Fiercest Femmes in Miss Universe 2012: Adrola Dushi of Albania

ABQ's favorite photo of Adrola Brushi of Albania

ABQ’s favorite photo of Adrola Brushi of Albania

Albania – Adrola Dushi – 5’10.5″

Albania ALWAYS sends gorgeous ramp-worthy candidates. I have liked their girls since I began blogging about pageants three years ago. Adrola Dushi, a 19-year-old fashion model from Reshen, is a favorite of Miss Universe official photographer Fadil Berisha who reportedly chose her to represent Albania.

The PLUS: Adrola Dushi has been compared to Sophia Loren and I agree, Albania’s contestant to Miss Universe 2012 has a classic type of beauty that appeals to all ages and lasts thru time. Her height is another major point in her favor.

The MINUS: Her biggest waterloo will be bad styling and a crappy wardrobe. Adrola Dushi must not repeat the looks below unless she wants to win Milkmaid of the Year. Also, keep the bee-stung lips at bay before they get arrested by the police.

My Favorite Photo of Adrola Brushi: happens to be the one above. It’s her official photo on the Miss Universe 2012 website. I like the tawny tigress-feel and the I-just-got-out-of-bed look of her hair as long as they keep that kind of hair for photoshoots only.

Watch your styling and wardrobe Adrola!

Watch your styling and wardrobe Adrola!