ABQ’s Fiercest Femmes in Miss Universe 2012: Elizabeta Burg of Croatia

My favorite shot of Elizabeta Burg. I wouldn't mind a Croation Miss Universe this year...

My favorite shot of Elizabeta Burg. I wouldn’t mind a Croation Miss Universe this year…

Croatia – Elizabeta Burg – 5’10”

Naughty or nice, Miss Croatia (Miss Hrvatske) is definitely on my list this Christmas! Elizabeta Burg is wonderful to behold and sometimes, at certain angles she’ll remind me of Rachel Weisz who is one of my favorites actresses. Although she doesn’t look it, Elizabeta Burg is a farm girl which makes her even more endearing to me. She does have a dream in life: she wants to graduate from milking cows to treating them; she’s studying to be a vet! (Most sites say she is a Vet student but the Miss U site says she’s an economics stude, can anyone clarify?)

The Minus – Critics are complaining about the legs of this Vrbanja native. After studying her photos, it seems that the concern lies mostly with proportion. But IMHO, it can be improved by choosing her wardrobe carefully to bring her hips out more. Choose a swimsuit cut that will make the legs look longer. Try Pilates. Get shoes that can ‘sexy-fy’ the ankles. Study how to pose to bring out a longer look and learn how to do Janine Tugonon’s Cobra Walk which involves fast criss-crossing legs and a hypnotic smile that will capture all eyes.

The Plus – Acclaimed fashion photographer Fadil Berisha was mesmerized by her beauty saying she looked like an angel, even without make-up. Coming from the official photog of Miss Universe, that’s saying A LOT! I also find her lack of flirty airs (usually associated with beauty queens) extremely refreshing…

My Favorite Photo of Elizabeta Burg: is the one you see above, its found on her Miss Universe 2012 profile. It shows just how extremely beautiful she can be after she is dolled up to the max. While I love her natural look and candid photos, the one above is just breathtaking!

With judicious posing and smart fashion choices, Elizabeta Burg can avoid her stout-legged look (left) and have a longer stance (right).

With judicious posing and smart fashion choices, Elizabeta Burg can avoid a stout-legged look (left) and display a longer stance (right).