ABQ’s Fiercest Femmes in Miss Universe 2012: Ji Dan Xu of China

My favorite photo of Diana Xu. Something about her just grabs me...

My favorite photo of Diana Xu. Something about her just grabs me…

China – Ji Dan Xu – 5’11”

Yes, I’m sore as a festering wound over the whole territorial tug-of-war between the Philippines and China but Ji Dan Xu’s beauty has been able to eclipse whatever anger I have against Beijing. Like music, beauty soothes the soul and calms the savage beast.

The Minus – Ji Dan Xu comes from China which has been irritating the heck out of it’s Asian neighbors, America and  Donald Trump.

The Plus – Ji Dan Xu comes from China and so do Donald Trump’s ties.

But seriously, here’s my assessment: Diana Xu has to watch out because sometimes she can look very ‘OA‘ or ‘maarte‘ at certain angles. A turn-off. She is also stick thin, just look at her arms. Some critics also say that Ji Dan Xu’s face is slightly lop-sided but it works for me. There is a certain charm to the imperfections of this Shanghai model. I love her height and her warm smile which I believe are her best assets. Ji Dan Xu also happens to be a child prodigy (she started playing piano at age 3 and dancing by age 6) which leads me to suspect she has been training for Miss U since she was 2.

My Favorite Photo of Ji Dan Xu: is the one that Miss Universe 2012 has on it’s official website, the one above. Elegant smile on porcelain skin. Like the clear sky on a sunny day…

Don't pose like that.....           Pose like this!

Don’t pose like that…..                                                 Pose like this!