Stressed Out Over My Miss Universe 2012 Choices!

I don’t know about you, but I’m going out of my mind choosing my favorite girls for the Miss Universe 2012 Crown. The first time I did this ‘choosing’ thing was in Pamela Bianca Manalo’s year; that’s when I began blogging about beauty queens.

Picking my favorites in the years of Venus Raj and Shamcey Supsup was tiring for sure, but nothing’s been as stressful as this year, the year of Janine Tugonon. In fact today, I just gave up looking at pouty lips and scrumptious booties and went out to do something mildly destructive – shopping AND eating!

Are you having a hard time picking your favorite Miss Universe 2012 contestants too? Or am I the only one agonizing over my Hot List?

I can only think of two reasons why it seems so hard this year for me – There are too many beautiful contestants and its Christmas-time. I should be focusing on family and not gorgeous girls in bikinis! (Thank God, I’M saying that and NOT the hubby, lol!)

I’m sure I could think of more reasons than the above-mentioned but at this point I’m brain dead and can’t count beyond 2.

But I will prevail. After I wipe out these Mango Crepes, I’m going home to my laptop to stare at all these beautiful women while eating a few Rainbow Cupcakes. So if my hips start expanding this Christmas, you can be certain its not just because of all the parties!