ABQ’s Fiercest Femmes in Miss Universe 2012: Diana Avdiu of Kosovo

Diana Avdiu of Kosovo... so beautiful, so feminine, so powerful!

Diana Avdiu of Kosovo… so beautiful, so feminine, so powerful!

Kosovo – Diana Avdiu – 5’8.5″

This Kosavar Queen truly lives up to her name Diana – the beautifully wild goddess of the hunt. But will her arrow squarely hit the crown when she competes in Miss Universe 2012?

The MINUS: Critics (and even her fans) are frowning over Diana Avdiu’s penchant for not smiling. In this video interview uploaded a week and a half before the Miss Universe 2012 began, she is very frugal with her smiles. While she is beautiful sans smiling, the beauty queen life involves a lot of toothy grinning and I can’t see a non-smiler winning specially when there are so many smiling competitors! Will she change her style and start flashing her pearly whites when she gets to Vegas? And if she doesn’t, will the judges STILL score her high? We’ll just have to watch and see…

The PLUS: It is impossible to find an ugly photo of Diana Avidiu and I tried scouring the net to find one. I did find a few wacky photos but even when she is making faces, the girl is a standout beaut.

My Favorite Photo of Diana Avdiu: This film directing student gave me a tough time choosing what photo of her I like best. But I finally chose the one above which I found on her Facebook public page because it radiates not just beauty but also feminine power!

Diana smiling...   vs    Diana unsmiling... which one deserves a crown?

Diana smiling…   vs  Diana unsmiling… which one deserves the crown?