ABQ’s Fiercest Femmes in Miss Universe 2012: Karina Gonzalez of Mexico

Doesn't Karina Gonzalez kinda look like Shamcey Supsup in this shot?

Doesn’t Karina Gonzalez’ smile here kinda look like Shamcey Supsup’s?

Mexico – Karina González – 5’9.5″

Will this dead ringer for American sex symbol Raquel Welch bring a third Universe crown to Mexico?

Being Miss Universe is part of Karina Gonzalez’ dream in life, as well as becoming an Architect and getting married. Well, I think the last dream will be the easiest to achieve. With her magnetic beauty, the guys must be all over her!  But Karina Gonzalez should be careful to choose the right man for her…

The Minus: While I love the be-dimpled smile of this muchacha from Aguascaliente, Karina Gonzalez DOES have a tendency to over-smile and it makes her cheeks poof out a little too much for my taste. I don’t know about you, but the chubby-cheek look is to be avoided like the plague when competing in a beauty pageant. But it is perfectly alright once you have ALREADY won the crown because they can’t fire you for looking like chipmunk with a sash.

The Plus: Haaay caramba, she is beautiful from head to toe. And when Karina Gonzalez’ hair is styled to be darker, like brown-black and massively curled, it makes her look so young and fresh! Her body? Well, I heard some critics saying her arms are problematic but I don’t see what they are talking about. Her body for me does not stray far from Barbie Doll stats.

My favorite photo of Karina Gonzalez: is the one on the Miss Universe official site which you see above. Do you agree that in this photo she resembles Shamcey Supsup?

Look at her smile at the bottom. Makes her cheeks spread out. But the smile on top is the right one, it's toothy but doesn't make her look like a Trapezoid.

Look at her smile at the bottom. Makes her cheeks spread out and eyes disappear. But the smile on top is the right one, it’s big but doesn’t make her look like a trapezoid. She also angles her face in the top photo in a way that works for me…