Online Auditions Begin for Studio 23’s “Gusto Kong Maging Beauty Queen”

Studio 23 is launching a beauty pageant slash reality show like no other and the blogging beauty queen (c’est moi) is going to be one of the segment judges!

This pageant is unique since almost any woman can join – fat or thin, single or married, tall or short, pretty or not, young or old.

But you HAVE to be at least 18 years old, healthy and of good moral character. AND you need to be open-minded when it comes to personal transformation – including the surgical type because one of the goals is to do a total make over for top finalists under the professional care of the best derma doctors and surgeons in the country.

So if you feel like you’ve lost your chance at the beauty queen life because you had kids too early, are over-aged, gained too much weight, got married or just don’t fit the typical idea of what a beauty queen should be like, then “Gusto Kong Maging Beauty Queen” is the beauty pageant for you!

How to join? You have to audition online! Its easy, just go to the official Facebook Page of “Gusto Kong Maging Beauty Queen” by clicking here. Then click on the photo album “Beauty Queen Online Auditions” for the criteria, mechanics, audition rules, etc.

The first deadline of entries is December 15, 2012!! Join NOW!