ABQ’s Fiercest Femmes in Miss Universe 2012: Bodine Koehler of Puerto Rico

Ravishing and breath-taking Bodine Koehler!

Ravishing and breath-taking Bodine Koehler!

Puerto Rico – Bodine Koehler – 6′

It should come as no surprise that Bodine Koehler on my list since this Dutch/Dom Rep mix is on the list of practically all serious Miss Universe fans. Puerto Rico could very well see another Miss Universe crown added to its collection of 5 wins!

The Minus: The baby face. She looks younger than her 20 years which might be a disadvantage since Miss Universe tends to go for a slightly older, sophisticated look. There also has been criticism directed towards her adorable up-tilted nose. Some people are not bewitched by it and there could be a chance that some judges feel the same way and turn THEIR noses up at her! But looking at the photos on the official Miss Universe 2012 website, the tilt is less pronounced so it’s possible that her handlers had it slightly altered, but I would not know for sure. Personally, I like her nose, it reminds me of the nose of one of the cute vampires in Twilight who has a similar pixie-look.

The Plus: Bodine Koehler is a complete package – her face is angelic. Her body is divine. Her height of 6 feet spells G-O-D-D-E-S-S! The extra plus is that Bodine Koehler is talented. She is an advanced student of piano, can sing like a pro and even composes her own music! She is also a ballerina but it looks funny when she is dancing with a guy because there are NO male ballerinas who are taller than 6 feet. (I think.)¬† So…. even if Miss Universe has no Talent competition, I believe that selecting a Miss U winner who can perform for the public CAN translate into extra revenue.

My favorite photo of Bodine Koehler: is the one above where she looks ravishing. Its on the Miss Universe website and screams – Fadil Berisha!

Baby Face Bodine? or Bodine the Babe? The right make-up can help make this girl look more like a woman than a girl...

Baby Bodine on the left? Or Babe-a-licious Bodine on the right? The RIGHT make-up and styling can help make this girl look more like a woman!