ABQ’s Terrific Twelve for the Miss Universe 2012 Crown! (Based on Photos)

ABQ's Miss Universe 2012 Top 12 - Top Row L-R: Albania, Cayman Islands, China, Croatia. Middle Row: Kosovo, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway. Bottom Row: Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia and Venezuela

ABQ’s Miss Universe  TWELVE for TWENTY-TWELVE – L-R Starting from Top Row: Albania, Cayman Islands, China, Croatia, Kosovo, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia and Venezuela – these choices are based on online photos.

After days of poring over photos of the contestants in this year’s Miss Universe 2012, here is my list of favorites for the crown. I chose this set purely on photos and feel. I also took into account comments from pageant fans. I know that some may notice that I don’t have any of the African girls in my choices but I do have a couple in my next list which is based purely on the web interviews. The Europeans and Latin American countries just sent so many photogenic girls this year!

You may also notice that I have only 12 in this list. That’s 3 girls short of the Top 15 names that will be announced on coronation night, Dec. 19, 2012. (There will be a Top 16 girl chosen via internet votes.) Why only 12? As I said, these 12 were chosen by me based on photos and feel. If my feelings kept saying ‘yes’ with every photo I saw then I would put her in my Top List. And only 12 girls elicited such consistent ‘yesses’ in my heart.

I do have a list of contestants whose videos excited me to no end and that list is a bit different from this one. That list should be out by today or tomorrow!

My Top 12 Miss Universe 2012 Choices Based on Photos:

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Cayman Islands








Puerto Rico